If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, you are likely facing a substantial amount of physical and emotional pain. Additionally, the amount of medical expenses is great and can lead to a difficulty in your family's life. The activity of bicycling in Denver, Colorado is more than just an enjoyable pastime. It has also become a primary means of transportation for many individuals traveling to and from work or school, and you have just as much right to be traveling as the cars on the road. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, the injuries you face are likely debilitating because these mechanisms do not offer much protection from the other vehicle and the road. You are exposed to direct contact with the vehicle if you are hit, and no matter what speed the car is going, you are likely to suffer injury. While riding a bicycle, you are in competition with the motor vehicles that are on the road and at a severe disadvantage. There are many factors that increase the risk for severe injuries when a bicyclist mounts the bike. Don't suffer more than you already have by trying to fight through the legal process alone. If you have been injured or lost a loved one to a bicycle accident, speak with a Denver accident attorney from our personal injury law firm as soon as possible!

We have Experience Fighting for Injured Denver Bicyclists

At Anderson Hemmat, we have protected many individuals who have suffered personal injury accidents in Colorado. We protect the rights of our clients who have suffered substantially from bicycle collisions and other bicycle accidents. When it comes to accidents caused by a motor vehicle driver, you will want to do what it takes to ensure that you receive the monetary compensation that you rightfully deserve, which often means you need professional legal representation. When there is a collision between a bicycle and car, the bike rider will most likely be the injured party. Even when the bicyclist follows all traffic and safety laws, the motor vehicle driver may not see the rider and hit them. As your Denver bicycle accident lawyer, we vigilantly help our clients through their cases to ensure that their rights are properly protected. Insurance companies will often try to get away with paying less than you deserve, and that is where legal assistance can make things easier for you. The most important thing for you to handle is the recovery of your health, which won't be helped by the stress of fighting a legal battle for your rightful compensation. Let us work on your side in the personal injury legal arena. We will keep you as informed and involved as you need to be, without placing the work on you.

Bicycle Accident Injuries are Expensive and Often Ongoing

Bicyclist injuries are often very severe and result in serious injuries for the victim. The police officer often receives a statement from the motor vehicle driver first and then the bicyclist, who is often not well enough to provide information until after being taken to the hospital. At Anderson Hemmat, we will be available to protect your rights and ensure that your statement is clearly heard. If you are injured and unavailable to tell your story, the events may be skewed and represented unclearly, which can cause you to lose money that is rightfully yours and necessary for you medical expenses. We can ensure that you are not placed at a disadvantage and will thoroughly investigate your case. You will have tough and persistent legal experts working tirelessly on your side. Our primary goal will be to maximize what you receive from damages. Investigating a bicycle vs. car accident can be a difficult procedure, but our personal injury firm will prepare a solid case through even the most complex situations. If you don't have experienced professionals on your side, you are very likely to receive less money than you need and deserve. Don't let them take advantage of you. Call Anderson Hemmat today, let us protect you and your rights.

We Can Offer Expert Representation for Your Bicycle Accident Case

The Denver bicycle injury lawyers from our personal injury law firm helps to ensure that riders who have suffered serious injuries from accidents caused by motor vehicles are safeguarded by the law. In many circumstances, these accidents are caused by a driver who is negligent or acting in a reckless manner. Bike riders who are injured or killed by motorists have usually not been given the respect they deserve by other drivers on the road. The driver may have failed to check blind spots or made a turn without yielding to the bicyclist. Even with all of the protective gear possible, and a bicyclist taking all of the precautions possible, accidents will still occur because you can't prevent the driver from doing something dangerous or illegal. We understand how these situations work, and won't let the other party get out of their responsibility. Many victims have brought their bicycle accident cases to us and successfully gained the money they needed to recover. We want justice for you as well, and we can help you to achieve this.

Contact One of Our Experienced Denver Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been involved in a Denver bicycle accident, you have the right to seek compensation, and you should. The person responsible for this accident should be made to pay the damages. At Anderson Hemmat, we can help you file a personal injury or wrongful death claim to obtain the monetary compensation you deserve. You may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. Our personal injury law firm knows the state laws involved in your bike accident and can help you aggressively pursue just compensation. It is important to consult a qualified bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible without allowing time to go by that the defendant is likely using to prepare of case of his or her own. The longer you wait, the more important evidence and information can be lost or ineffective. Fast action is crucial to building the strongest personal injury case possible for you. Contact an experienced accident attorney today to take one of the most important steps you can to winning your personal injury case. Save time by by getting your free personal injury case evaluation started here.

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Free Bicycle Accident Injury Consultation

Don't put off meeting with one of our experienced bicycle accident attorneys regarding your personal injury case. Contact the denver bicycle accident attorneys at (303) 782-9999. We can tell you right away if you have a solid case and we can get right to work helping you succeed in your bicycle accident personal injury lawsuit.

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