There are many issues with auto safety due to defective parts or products affecting their performance. Such things as defective tires, parts, brakes, or design flaws can all lead to car accidents. When companies produce parts, vehicles and accessories, they do so in mass orders, and it is easy for mistakes to be made. Sometimes, factories even know that there are problems with specific parts but will still allow them to go out to customers, if they determine that the safety risk isn't too high. These parts or vehicles can go on to cause major problems for drivers, and even result in terrible accidents where drivers and passengers may be injured. If you have been involved in a car accident that you believe was caused by some defect in your vehicle, you may be entitled to file an auto product liability claim. A Denver car accident attorney can evaluate the information you provide to help you with the correct legal strategy in pursuing compensation for your losses. If a manufacturer is responsible for your accident, they should help to pay for the resulting expenses.

Negligent Auto Product Manufacturers

Any manufacturer has the responsibility of producing a product that is safe for its intended use. They know this, and are required to put products through safety testing to be sure that they will hold up to their intended use over an extended period of time. Selling a product with their name on it makes them legally responsible for the safety of customers who use what they sell. When the safety of a buyer or user is compromised, they can be held liable for any harm that is caused by that product. They also have a duty to inform consumers of any possible problem with a vehicle as soon as they find there may be a safety issue involved. This is what they are looking for when they perform extensive safety tests and accident simulations. If a problem is found, the company is supposed to put out a notice, and either offer a solution to the problem, or recall the product before it can cause harm. Failure to inform the public of such hazards when they are found can open the door for an even greater degree of negligence.

We Can Help You File Your Personal Injury Claim

Our knowledgeable, car accident lawyers at Anderson Hemmat are well-versed in auto product liability law and can skillfully assess the facts surrounding your accident for potential negligence on the part of manufacturers. We will gather information from you about the accident, and then research issues that may have been documented about faulty parts or problems with the vehicle in question. Whether your accident was caused by a defective tire that blew out, brakes that failed to stop the car properly or a rollover due to poor design, our legal staff has the resources you need to aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf. We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to looking for a viable cause of your vehicle malfunction, so that we can help you get proper compensation for the damage and injury resulting from your accident.

We Can Answer Your Liability Questions

If you think that your accident may have been caused by defective parts, or a defective vehicle, but aren't sure what that would involve, we can help you figure it out. Our extensive knowledge and experience of car accident law and manufacturer liability allows us to give expert advice and answers to your questions. When you call us, we can set up a consultation to help you decide what kind of case you have, and how you should proceed from there. You don't have to make these decisions alone, and you don't have to hunt for answers with no place to start. At Anderson Hemmat, our friendly, compassionate staff is ready to do everything we can to help you get the answers and compensation you deserve. The best way to proceed is to call us today, and let us get to work for you.

Fast Action is the Key to Auto Product Liability Lawsuit Success

The documentation of the case is vital in auto product liability lawsuits, and fast action in contacting our firm is critical in such cases. Accidents of this nature can often produce heavy damage, and insurance companies will want to get to work on repairs and replacements right away. Evidence can be lost or destroyed, and it could be crucial to the case that it is carefully preserved and analyzed by an expert. If you take any steps before consulting with legal assistance, you may be hurting your chances for sizable recompense. Faulty auto parts or systems can result in serious injuries that can leave your family devastated. Fight for your right to compensation for your losses by contacting our personal injury office today; we are ready to help you.

Free Auto Product Liability Consultation

Don't put off meeting with one of our experienced Auto Product Liability attorneys regarding your personal injury case. Contact the denver Auto Product Liability attorneys at (303) 782-9999. We can tell you right away if you have a solid case and we can get right to work helping you succeed in your Auto Product Liability injury lawsuit.

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