Our distracted driving accident law firm in Denver, Colorado is ready to fight for your rights. Distracted driving is a dangerous habit practiced by innumerable motorists across the nation and the numbers are growing. Multitasking has become a very common activity in the modern age, especially with all of the technological advances that have made it so much easier to perform several tasks at once. Because of this, people have gotten overly comfortable with this practice, and let it cause them to exhibit dangerous driving behavior. Technology has certainly caused some of these problems, but it isn't the only cause. Something as simple as eating, taking a drink, or fiddling with the radio can cause a devastating auto accident. If a distracted driver caused your car accident and injury, you have the right to pursue financial compensation for your pain, suffering, medical expenses, and property damage. The person or people responsible for your property damage and injuries should be made to pay for the problems they have caused, so that you can avoid further suffering and financial distress.

We Can Help with Distracted Driving Accident Injuries

That's where our team of Denver car accident lawyers comes in. At Anderson Hemmat we are committed to helping victims of car accidents (and their families) fight for the money they deserve and need. We know that the property damage and medical expenses that result from these avoidable accidents can be extensive and very stressful, and we want to help you overcome these difficulties and bring the responsible parties to justice. Our experience with distracted driving accidents, and dedication to seeking justice for injured victims are unparalleled, and we are ready to help you with your personal injury case. We invite you to view this video about getting your car fixed after the accident. To learn more, contact our personal injury office today.

Types of Distracted Driving

Any activity that takes the driver's attention or eyes away from the road is a distraction. This includes many different activities, objects, or even emotional stresses, some of which are so simple and common that you may not realize that they are dangerous at all. Driving distractions fall into one (or more) of the following categories:

  1. Cognitive Distraction
  2. Visual Distraction
  3. Manual Distraction

A cognitive distraction takes the driver's mental focus off driving and causes him or her to think of something unrelated; a visual distraction takes the driver's eyes off the road to look elsewhere in the vehicle or even out the window; a manual distraction removes his or her hands from the steering wheel, usually to fumble around or reach for something. Some activities, such as texting while driving, fall into all three categories. No matter what category a distraction falls into, they are incredibly dangerous when combined with driving an automobile.

Dangerous Technology Distractions While Driving

Many experts believe that texting and surfing the web are the deadliest forms of distracted driving. Smart phones and tablets make these activities easy to do in a car, even while driving, but that doesn't mean that people should, and they usually know better too. Such activities while driving severely hamper reaction time and decision making skills, and the results can be dangerous, or sometimes even deadly. If you were involved in an accident where someone was distracted by technology while driving, you may have a strong personal injury case to fight for compensation, which can be very important if you are accumulating medical bills for accident related injuries.

Other Forms of Distracted Driving Include:




Distracted Driving Accident Attorney Serving Denver

Following a car accident, the very best thing that you can do is seek a compassionate, knowledgeable legal representative that you can trust. At Anderson Hemmat, we have proven ourselves true advocates of victims' rights. Our familiarity with the legal process, especially with regard to car accident personal injury cases, will be an excellent help to you in this difficult time. We display an unwavering dedication to our clients and always hold their best interests at the core of our practice. Keeping our clients fully informed and aware of the process is at the top of our list of priorities, as well as going above and beyond to gather all the necessary information to develop a strong personal injury case for you.

If you need an attorney to represent your distracted driving accident claim or lawsuit, we encourage you to call us immediately. The sooner our Denver distracted driving accident team hears from you, the faster we can help. Fast action is imperative, because delay when working with a car accident case can make it more difficult to get all the compensation that is deserved. We will answer your questions and advise you of the best way to proceed with your distracted driving accident and personal injury claim. Please feel free to contact a Denver distracted driving accident attorney from our firm today if you have recently been involved in a distracted driving accident.

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