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It can happen in an instant. Colorado DUI accidents can cause life-altering injuries or even death. Beyond trauma, drivers and passengers like you may be facing costly medical bills, job loss and other struggles. With every new difficulty, it can be a struggle to even know where to start. You have rights and the opportunity to seek financial damages even beyond what your car insurance or healthcare plan may cover. Here are some guidelines to what you can expect and why there are still so many drunk drivers in Colorado.

Why Drunk Driving Accidents Are So Severe

Cars have become bigger and safer over the years thanks to seatbelt and airbags. Still, the symptoms of drunk driving have not changed since we've started getting behind the wheel. The Centers for Disease Control notes that even with just a bit of alcohol in one's system, it becomes hard to track motion and do tasks at once.

Well below the legal limit, at a BAC of 0.02 percent, drivers are already unable to multi-task and at a still-legal 0.05 percent, steering becomes difficult and reaction time is significantly slowed. Considering that a car travels 88 feet per second at 55 MPH, any delay can lead to tragic consequences.

By the time a person has drunk enough to be over the legal limit of 0.08 percent, they struggle to concentrate, maintain speed and even stay in their own lane. Put that all together and the consequences of someone drinking make major injuries more likely than with two sober drivers.

Colorado Cares About DUI Accident Victims

There are numerous enforcement efforts each year regarding driving under the influence. A recent change in mandatory DUI felonies in certain cases has resulted in a decrease in the number of citations written by the Colorado State Patrol, although that has begun to taper off. That doesn't mean that driving under the influence isn't still a priority, as Colorado continues to spend millions of dollars a year on enforcement and awareness campaigns.

These types of programs can lead to more than 1,000 arrests over the course of just a few weeks. Yet nearly half of all traffic fatalities in the spring and summer happen because a drunk driver was behind the wheel.

Today, the national and local media is focusing on the "newness" of driving after smoking or ingesting marijuana or the scourge of distracted driving. It's true that these are growing threats. Coloradans still drive drunk, however, and at rates that are no longer decreasing nearly as quickly as they should. In fact, our state still ranks in the top-10 for citations. And when they are not stopped by police, DUI accidents can leave victims like you searching for answers.

What Do I Do Now?

The first thing to know is that you are not alone. Nearly one-third of all fatal crashes occur as a result of driving under the influence and many of those include people who have consumed alcohol. You are likely already considering medical care, surgeries and any physical therapy you may need.

In addition, your monthly bills haven't gone away. Loved ones need care. You need answers to questions like:

  • What can legal assistance do for me?
  • How long will this process take?
  • Should I talk to my insurance company?
  • Should I talk to the responsible party's insurance company?
  • When can I seek medical attention?
  • How will my medical bills be paid?
  • Will I have to go to court?

Wait, that might not be all. If you have been injured in a Denver DUI accident, you might be able to seek damages. But who do courts see playing a role in these types of tragic events.

Who's Responsible for Colorado Drunk Driving Accidents?

Colorado jurisprudence argues that more than one party may be at fault in causing DUI accidents in Denver and around the state. Obviously, a person may seek damages from the driver of the vehicle that may have been intoxicated at the time of the collision. However, restaurants, bar owners, employers and other parties may also be involved or play a role.

As the process becomes more intricate, the details of your potential drunk driving accident case can become complicated. Pursuing every avenue that is worth your time for the financial compensation the facts of your case merits means that you can find the legal relief you may need.

Choose Experienced DUI Attorneys

If you want to pursue a legal remedy for your pain and suffering, and those of any loved ones, congratulations. It can be frightening to seek out help when things can feel so overwhelming. Here are some tips on finding the right legal representation you deserve:

  1. Experience - Hands down, the most important partner in the legal system is a team that has already walked the same path and can work with you to achieve the best possible results.
  2. Tailored Care Based on Your Preferences - Reliving past trauma can make things worse for some of our clients. Others want to be more involved in how their case is handled. We work with you to find the right balance.
  3. Focus and Expertise - Our team has experience building cases based on a variety of facts. We tailor our approach following our conversations with YOU.

Regardless of who you choose, choose a DUI accident attorney that hits these three marks for the best results.

Get Help with Your Case Today

The experienced Denver drunk driving accident lawyers at Anderson Hemmat look forward to reviewing the facts of your specific case with a no-cost consultation.

Contact us today to learn how you may be able to seek compensation for lost wage, hospital bills and reduced quality of life as a result of any injuries you've suffered.

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