With any type of employment there is always a risk of injury, but when it involves a construction site the risk is greatly increased due to the inherent dangers in the construction business. It is an overall hazardous situation and even if you take as many personal precautions as possible, an accident may occur because of the carelessness of others. Although it is the responsibility of those in charge of the construction project to ensure all safety procedures are in place it has been found that negligence still happens, often with horrendous results. It can take just one moment of inattention or careless behavior by another to find you are seriously injured due to a slip and fall accident, electrocution, injuries due to heavy equipment accidents, or toxic material spills. The aftermath of these incidents often involves expensive medical bills, long periods of recovery, and loss of wages or the ability to ply your trade. If this has been the case, it is strongly advised that you take action to protect the legal rights for you and your family and consult with a Denver accident attorney from Anderson Hemmat personal injury law firm.

Construction Accident Lawyers for Workers' Compensation Insufficiency

In construction accident injury cases, Workers' Compensation usually provides the needed compensation for damages. Even this state mandated compensation can fail to cover the actual costs of the injury accident. As with any government agency, it is necessary to file the personal injury claims correctly with full documentation and failing to do so can lead to a denial of valid claims. In many cases, a third party may be liable, such as in equipment failures, explosions or other incidents, and this should be fully evaluated by our legal team in order to determine all liable parties in the incident. We can help you with every aspect of your construction accident, so you don't have to worry about missing crucial steps. When you work with our construction injury lawyers, we will represent you legally. This means we can help you file your personal injury claim, complete all of the necessary documentation, and communicate with the necessary offices. With us handling the legal headache of paperwork and communication, you can focus on the important task of recovery. We will also keep you fully informed as the case progresses with regular communication. You can tell us what you wish to achieve, and we will fight for your results.

Severe Injuries Mean You Require Help from a Denver Workplace Injury Attorney

Injuries from a construction accident can range from severe burns, head and back injuries to a tragic loss of life. It all depends on the conditions in which you were working and the job that was being performed at the time. Survivors of such injuries will often be dealing with the repercussions for months, or even years. Severe injuries take many medical appointments and even ongoing physical therapy. It may be a long time before you can work in construction again, if you are able to at all. Even then, you may not be able to perform the same work that was within your ability before the accident. At Anderson Hemmat we understand that such devastating accidents could have been prevented if proper care and attention was taken in providing the necessary safety precautions. The person or people responsible for the safety conditions of your work site should be held responsible for the neglect that resulted in your pain and suffering. Let us help you by determining who is responsible and how much they should contribute to your physical and financial recovery.

Personal Injury Lawyers for Construction Accident Injuries in Denver

You may be covered by a workers' compensation claim but that does not mean there are no other options open in filing a construction accident injury claim. Our personal injury lawyers are familiar with all the multiple sources that could also be held accountable for your injuries and parties may be named in your personal injury claim for compensation. Determining liability is a vital matter in construction accident injury claims. Following up on all the information, statements, witness accounts and other documentation relating to the construction accident is a key element in seeking compensation for damages that is commensurate with the injuries and other damages sustained. We prepare each case as if it is going to trial, and do not accept settlements that don't reflect the actual damages and losses of the individual client. You can rest easy knowing that we will identify those responsible for your injury, and we won't stop until they offer what is fair for you.

Contact Us Today for Professional Accident Lawyers in Denver

Call our Denver personal injury office and have your case evaluated for free. It is important to begin the process as soon as possible so that all of the evidence and accounts of the accident can be fresh and clear, giving you the best chance possible for full compensation from the liable parties. Professional personal injury representation is needed to achieve fair and equitable compensation in a construction site accident claim. We will be able to give you further information about workers' compensation situations, and tell you how we can help. Our personal injury law firm can offer you compassionate, personal service and meet all of your needs. You won't find a better accident lawyer in Denver because we will go above and beyond for your success. Contact a Denver construction accident lawyer at our personal injury firm for an free evaluation of your case.

Free Bicycle Accident Injury Consultation

Don't put off meeting with one of our experienced bicycle accident attorneys regarding your personal injury case. Contact the denver bicycle accident attorneys at (303) 782-9999. We can tell you right away if you have a solid case and we can get right to work helping you succeed in your bicycle accident personal injury lawsuit.

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