A slip and fall is an accident that involves an avoidable slip, trip or fall on someone else's property. There are many elements necessary to form a legitimate slip and fall personal injury claim. Simply tripping and falling on someone else's property does not constitute an injury claim. Slip and fall is an accident that falls under the practice area of premises liability. In these types of personal injury cases, there is an accident that occurs on a premises due to the negligence of the premises owner (or operator). Listed below are some examples of slip & fall cases:

  • Tripping on cracked or uneven pavement
  • Slipping on wet cement or tile
  • Tripping on dangerous materials that should have been cleared

There are many other instances like these which may constitute a slip and fall claim, and if you think that one has occurred, you may have a legal right to compensation. That is where one of our accident attorneys in Denver can be of assistance to you.

You May Need a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

There are three major elements to any premises liability case. First of all, there has to be a proven premises and an owner or operator clearly identified. This will be the person responsible for paying any damages owed. Second, an accident must have taken place due to some negligence or oversight on behalf of the premises owner. It may be something like failing to warn people of a slippery area, or failing to fix a hazardous obstacle that causes your fall. Lastly, the injuries must be medically proven and verified to have occurred in conjunction with the property owner's negligence. You will need to see a doctor, who can determine whether any injuries have occurred, and if they were caused by the fall you suffered. These types of accidents can range from minor to severe. Regardless of severity, you should consult with a Denver accident lawyer at our personal injury law firm to learn whether or not you have a case. Determining the validity of the case is the first step to seeking compensation for your injuries.

We Have Extensive Experience with Slip and Fall Liability

At Anderson Hemmat, we have decades of experience, and have handled countless slip and fall liability claims. If a premises owner or operator has been negligent and caused your injuries, then they should be held responsible and we can help you get justice. Slip and fall injuries can be very severe depending on where they happened, and you may need months of recovery before you are fully healed. In some cases, it could take even longer, and this could put you out of work and make you unable to carry out daily functions. We understand the many different ways this kind of accident can cause problems for you, and we also know exactly what needs to be done to pursue your rightful compensation. There are various ways that liability can be proven, and will do everything that it takes to build a strong case for you. Let us handle all of the legal action necessary, and you can work toward a healthy recovery without the pressure of handling claims responsibilities too. You don't have to suffer through this alone. We would be glad to make your return to health that much easier.

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You will likely be facing fierce opposition when it comes to filing a slip & fall claim. The owner or operator will probably try to avoid accepting responsibility, because it will mean they have to pay money for the injuries their negligence caused. Premises owners will likely attempt to shift the liability onto you for causing the accident, even if it is untrue. If the fault doesn't lie with you, then you shouldn't be made responsible for the accident. With the help of an attorney from our personal injury law firm, you can fight back to prove that it was their negligence that contributed to your injury. You may also run into issues such as comparative negligence, which involves percentages of fault being assigned to both parties. In these cases, you may only recover financial compensation up to the amount that the premises owner is found liable. To be sure that you get a fair decision, you should get the help of our law firm as soon as possible. To secure representation for your case, contact a Denver slip and fall lawyer from Anderson Hemmat today for your free slip and fall case evaluation!

Free Slip and Fall Injury Consultation

Don't put off meeting with one of our experienced slip and fall attorneys regarding your personal injury case. Contact the denver slip and fall attorneys at (303) 782-9999. We can tell you right away if you have a solid case and we can get right to work helping you succeed in your slip and fall personal injury lawsuit.

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