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3 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Colorado

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Tuesday, March 04, 2014 | 22 Comments | Back to Personal Injury Blog

hire personal injury lawyer denverHave you been involved in a car accident in Denver, or any part of Colorado that has resulted in personal injury? If you have, you may be wondering where to go from here. Personal injury situations are all too common, and this may cause others to lump them all together without considering the specifics. Just because many others are going through a personal injury situation doesn’t make yours any less important, and we know that. These car accidents can cause pain and suffering for both you and your family, and you want to be sure that you are doing everything you can to take care of the situation. It may be in your best interest to hire a Denver personal injury lawyer, like those of us at Anderson, Hemmat & McQuinn. Here are a few ways a Denver car accident lawyer may be able to help you.

1.) We Know Personal Injury Law
Because each situation is different, there are many laws that can apply. As a general rule, most people do not have intimate knowledge of car accident and injury laws, and this can be a hindrance when an auto accident occurs. Denver personal injury lawyers should have a working knowledge of Colorado personal injury laws, and not only do we have that, but we are experts in the interpretation of these laws. You may be able to look up the laws, but it can be difficult to see how they will apply specifically to your situation. We know the legal processes can be confusing, and it is our passion to simplify them for Denver car accident victims. The extensive experience of our high quality car accident lawyers can make all the difference in your personal injury claim.

2.) Get a Fair Settlement
Insurance companies are usually only concerned with making a profit, and they often do so by under compensating injured people in their claims.personal injury lawyer Some insurance companies even make it a practice to offer lower settlement amounts to Colorado auto accident victims who aren’t working with a personal injury lawyer. We know this is unfair, and we want to help you get the full compensation you deserve. Hiring a Denver personal injury lawyer can show the insurance company that you mean business, and that you are not willing to take a lower settlement than you deserve. Your injuries and suffering merit serious consideration, and sometimes insurance companies need to be forced to deal more honestly. If you have been in an auto accident in Colorado, hiring a Denver personal injury professional can help you get the care and compensation you need.

3.) Take Some Stress Away
If you have been in a Colorado truck or car accident, you are probably dealing with injury and stress. There are many things to take care of, such as:

  • Vehicle repair or replacement
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Speaking to your insurance company
  • Speaking to the at-fault parties insurance company
  • Filing accident reports
  • And more…

The list of things to do after an auto accident in Colorado is endless. Hiring a Denver auto accident attorney can take much of this responsibility away from you. An attorney would handle much of the stressful responsibility that comes with an auto accident, and let you take care of what is important: recovery.

We advise you to not wait another minute! If you have had an auto accident in Colorado and need help with your personal injury claim, contact us as soon as possible. We can help you navigate the Colorado legal system, get fair compensation from the insurance company, and lessen the stress of your situation. We will do everything we can to help you recover. Contact one of our experienced car accident attorneys today.

Current Post Comments:

Posted by: Joey Walden
It's great to see the attorneys can help you with all of these things that can be stressful. Even from speaking to the other insurance companies. I really wasn't aware that attorneys could do all of these things for you.

Posted by: Ronald
I never realized how helpful hiring an attorney was for a personal injury case. The last thing I want to do when I get in an accident is to be stressing over every little detail. Fighting with an insurance company can be one of the most frustrating things to do when all you really want to do is rest and recover. I'll have to keep all of this in mind just in case something happens in the future.

Posted by: Lewis Remington
In the case of a personal injury, I think getting a fair settlement is really important. You should be able to get the financial help that you need, and deserve. This is why finding the right attorney is so important. They are going to be the ones who will play the biggest role in guaranteeing your satisfaction with the settlement.

Posted by: Gary Birtles
I think reason number three hits the nail on the head. There is enough drama trying to recover from an injury and the added stress of trying to get compensation can make the situation a lot more tense. A good attorney can ease the trouble if they know what they are doing.

Posted by: Dave Thompson
When you get injured, it is great to have a lawyer on your side. These lawyers are a great service. They help take the stress away from what is a very stressful time in your life. Make sure your lawyer is licensed and is knowledgeable about your case.

Posted by: Skylar Mitchell
My friend just got in a car accident, and she was hurt quite badly. I think it would be really good for her to find a personal injury lawyer. However, I want to be sure that she does it properly, and finds a good lawyer. It sounds to me like it is best to find someone that is experienced, and has extensive knowledge about various cases. Then I think she would be much more likely to get good compensation without having to worry too much about the case!

Posted by: Rose Henderson
I couldn't imagine being in a situation where I would need a lawyer due to injury. That would be beyond stressful and upsetting and I believe that is putting it lightly. I agree that getting proper representation would help so much with a stressful situation.

Posted by: D Thompson
I completely agree with the third point you make. I hired a personal injury lawyer to help with my case. Before I did I was a stressful mess, but after the attorney made me feel at ease for the remainder of the trial.

Posted by: Rose Henderson
These three reasons really hit the nail on the head. Why on Earth would you allow yourself to suffer more pain than necessary? If you have been injured because of someone else, save yourself the stress and get a lawyer to help defend your rights. I wish more people would realize that there is help available should they need it.

Posted by: Davey Hiltz
I could always use less stress in my life, so hiring a lawyer wouldn't be a bad idea. I was in an accident a few weeks ago and it's been a long road to recovery. I'm currently on workers' compensation which doesn't help me much. The medical bills have been pretty tough to pay off and I need some kind of settlement for closure. I'll be looking into getting a lawyer, I hope it's not too late for my case.

Posted by: Kristen Dockery
A couple of weeks ago one of my really good friends was involved in accident. She had a couple of injuries and so now she is looking for a lawyer. I hope that she is able to find one, do you have any other tips that you could share with me so that she will be able to get a good one so that she can get compensated for what it was worth?

Posted by: Travis
I really like tip number 3 of taking some stress away. These seems important because dealing with an auto accident can be pretty stressful. I wonder how many people get a lawyer for these kind of things.

Posted by: Anonymous
I was recently in a crash and my immediate reaction was to get to a safe area, take pictures of the crash and contact my insurance company. The crash was in no way my fault but because there were not other witnesses and I did not contact an attorney, it appears that the other persons insurance company is dragging their feet. My story is just to serve as a good reason to contact an accident, or personal injury attorney, they really know what they are doing and will get things moving fast. This is not simply my own personal experience, but of those of my friends who were in similar circumstances and contacted and attorney.

Posted by: Anonymous
A very interesting read and a great post all together. Thanks for sharing!

Posted by: Walker
I feel like a lot of us are looking for these 3 things when we hire a lawyer. The main reason I liked was the last one. With an injury, the main thing that I want is less stress. It is already stressful being injured but, worrying about legal things is exhausting.

Posted by: Johnny
For me the first point you made is enough. You know the law, I can study it but would have no idea how to present that information in a logical way to get a fair settlement. A family friend spent a few years going through a personal injury case from a dog bite. Maybe if he understood that he didn't know the law aspect his case would have gone faster for him.

Posted by: Jim
My aunt really needs to hire a lawyer to help her out. She was hit by a car and has some serious injuries. We are hoping that the lawyer will help us cover some of the medical expenses. This way my aunt won't have so much debt.

Posted by: Lisa
Thanks for sharing these 3 reasons to get a personal injury lawyer. I feel like the biggest point for me is getting a fair settlement. In cases of personal injury (or really any case) fair settlement is what the client wants. Having a lawyer that you trust goes a long way. Make sure you discuss your case in depth with him or her and ask what outcome you can expect.

Posted by: Angela
I have been so stressed about getting everything done that I need to after my car accident, that getting a lawyer will probably do me a lot of good. On top of all the things I need to worry about that you listed, I'm also getting married next month, and I have college finals in a couple of weeks. My stress levels are above the roof, so if a lawyer can get me the money without wasting my time, then that is worth my money.

Posted by: Gary B
I like how this article bought up the point that a lawyer can help you get a fair settlement in a personal injury claim. That is definitely the main purpose of a lawyer. I always look at a personal injury lawyer as someone who has the power and ability to convey the damage done to your life after an accident.

Posted by: Sergio
I think you're right: it's important to consider an attorney in certain situations. If you're able to contact an attorney earlier in the process, you'll be much better off. It'll keep you from making mistakes and will help you to win your case in the long run. Thanks for sharing these important tips with us!

Posted by: Edmond
I could imagine that a personal injury attorney could definitely take some stress away from this kind of a situation. They can make sure that you get the fair settlement that you need for sure. I got in a car accident a couple of days ago. I'm glad that I was able to find these tips today.

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