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Types of Car Accident Injuries

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Types of Car Accident Injuries

Car Accident Injury Attorney in Denver

Automobile Accident Injury Types

Car accidents are the leading cause of injuries in the United States, resulting in thousands of injuries yearly. With the increase in traffic and people on cell phones or texting, the risk of being involved in a car accident has only increased. Injuries can be minor to catastrophic, including:

Soft Tissue Injuries
These include damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your body. You could have strained the muscles in your neck and back on impact, suffered severe bruising in any areas where your body made contact with part of the vehicle, or some other object in the crash, or even have torn ligaments and tendons. Recovery time from these injuries varies from weeks to months, and depending on the severity, physical therapy may be necessary.

This refers to broken bones, which can be very painful and inconvenient and require a lengthy healing process. The severity of the fracture will determine whether it needs a cast, but all broken areas need to be immobilized, and this can cause many issues with daily functions.

Head and Brain Injuries
A head injury can be a minor bump to the head or be considered major head trauma which can include swelling, a concussion, or even a coma. Your brain is an incredibly important and sensitive organ protected by your skull. Any injury here can cause debilitating injuries which may result in permanent damage.

Spinal Cord Injuries
Damage to your spinal cord, nerve roots, vertebra or disks can cause severe pain and even paralysis. It is a very dangerous area in your back to sustain injuries, and can result in permanent damage that will make you unable to live your life as you did before.

Becoming paralyzed in an automobile accident is unfortunately quite common. This can be devastating to a family and at times they can feel like things will never be the same. Recovery alone may take years and require medical staff to help the recovery.

It is needless to say that the catastrophic injury of an amputation can change your life forever. Amputation is a type of bodily dismemberment and is known is one of the most devastating life-altering injuries that can be suffered from an auto accident.

Internal Organ Injuries
Your internal organs are integral to bodily function, and are protected inside your body. A severe car accident can cause damage to your internal organs, which may include bruising, bleeding, or punctures. Generally, this kind of injury will be discovered by paramedics on the scene, or in the hospital afterward, but they will probably involve a long stay in the hospital to recover, and, in extreme cases, you may even need a replacement organ.

Burn Injuries
You can sustain a burn injury during a car accident, even if the vehicle hasn't caught on fire. Oftentimes if an airbag deploys or if your skin rubs against the seatbelt, you will develop a burn. You can also be burned by areas of the vehicle that have become too hot and then come in contact with your skin. Burns are very painful and often require weeks of attention to heal properly.

These are cuts or tears in your skin, which can sometimes be very deep and require stitches. This type of open wound is common in a severe car accident, when there is broken glass, twisted metal, or other sharp areas which can damage your skin.

This is the most devastating result that can occur after a car accident, and the loved ones left behind to deal with the aftermath can have a very difficult time navigating the legal issues while trying to handle the emotional trauma.

Coping with the devastating effects of a car accident injury can leave you overwhelmed and emotionally traumatized. Now is not the time to try to resolve a claim on your own. You need the legal expertise of a Denver car accident attorney who is well versed in the laws governing car accidents. Your injuries may severely affect your life style for some time to come, requiring extensive medical treatment and possibly even rehabilitation. You will need a strong advocate working on your behalf to help in fighting to obtain compensation for you. That is where we want to do our part to help you.

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Our firm has caring, dedicated and effective car accident lawyers who truly care about the outcome of your case. types of car accident injuries When choosing an attorney, you want someone who will provide personal attention and listen to what your needs are as the claim process progresses. We understand the difficulties you will encounter as you recover from your injuries and will do everything possible to fight for your rights to compensation, which will cover the medical costs for your treatment and any lost wages you have suffered if you were unable to work. All available damages you are entitled to will be pursued, either through aggressive negotiation with the liable party or at trial if necessary. Don't let yourself or your family be taken advantage of by the responsible party and their insurance company. Let us help you fight for the compensation you deserve, to help you pay for medical expenses, and the suffering that has come to you and your family as a result of your car accident. Contact a car accident injuries lawyer when injured in a car accident.

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