Recent studies support something most drivers already know. Specifically, studies show that drivers between the ages of 25-64 are less likely to cause a car crash injuries than those 65 and older. Drivers 65 and older are 16% more likely to cause auto accident injuries.

I have represented people in Denver injured by drivers as old as 106. I have also represented victims injured by patients treated for differing degrees of Alzheimer's disease, some of which were allowed to leave their treatment facility for short periods to drive. Yes, these patients were properly checked out from their Alzheimer's treatment facility to drive. Sounds crazy right?

For the most part, the state of Colorado has largely ignored the safety risk that elderly drivers pose to the public. Usually, action is taken only after tragedy has occurred and a series of car accidents make it apparent that the elderly driver is a risk to themselves and others.

Family members and friends need to recognize that they must proactively monitor elderly drivers because there is no "big brother" organization that monitors aging drivers to assure public safety. It is truly a tough conversation to tell a loved one that their age or health issues make it unsafe for them to drive. Essentially, you are asking your loved one to give up some of their day to day freedoms. However, if you procrastinate or ignore it, you may be having a conversation about how you saw signs of dangerous driving after they cause a car crash that results in serious injury or even a death.

At Anderson Hemmat, we believe that everyone should do their part to ensure that the roads in Colorado are safe. Of course, not every elderly driver is an unsafe driver. Nevertheless, if there is an elderly driver in your family and you suspect that he or she is endangering the public by taking the wheel, it is up to you to take proactive measures to monitor that driver's ability to navigate the roadways safely. No, it is not an easy conversation, but it is one that might save lives. If you have been injured in a car crash caused by an elderly driver, please call our experienced accident injury attorneys today at (303) 782-999 for a free personal injury consultation.


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