Can you imagine a drunk driver missing a stop sign, entering a highway while an innocent motorcyclist going the speed limit, 65 mph, being thrown head first through the back door and window of the drunks car and living to tell about?

For our client 23 year old Nikolas Brown, he doesn't have to imagine because it happened to him. After a month in the hospital, a liver surgery, a spleen removal, plates and screws surgically implanted throughout his arm and leg, a trachea hole placed in his neck, 6 lung procedures, and over $600,000 in medical bills later, the case against the drunk driver and her insurance company starts Tuesday, October 11 in Greeley Colorado at the Weld County Court House.

The 21 year old drunk driver had a BAC nearly twice the DUI limit 3 hours after leaving the Greenwood Village concert she was attending and found herself lost in Greeley yet another hour from her intended destination. The drunk driver's insurance has, remarkably, failed to offer even the amount of the medical expenses or the 8 months our client was out of work; worse yet, her insurance failed to produce vital documents that resulted in this case going to jury trial that will start next Tuesday.

We invite you to come watch your Colorado trail lawyer in action. This trial is open to the public so stop by any of the four days we are scheduled to be there. Opening statements start around 1pm at:

October 11, 2016
Weld County Court House

915 10th St, Greeley, CO 80631

Update 10/14/2016: Judgment Plaintiff and Anderson Hemmat: $1,450,000 - See verdicts page here.


Chad Hemmat


Co-Founder & Lead Trial Attorney

Chad Hemmat is a co-founding principal partner of Anderson Hemmat. Mr. Hemmat directs all civil litigation operations at Anderson Hemmat. Litigation is the actual court process. Mr. Hemmat is personally involved in every case and insures that each client receives impeccable representation. Read more...



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