After thousands of documented injuries to toddlers or small children caused by reversing SUV type vehicles, the federal government finally addressed this safety issue by mandating that all new cars sold in the US must be equipped with reverse sensor camera technology. The law goes into effect in May 2018.

From the perspective of an accident attorney who has represented dozens of children injured or killed in blind-backing-up auto accidents, I say it’s about time.

The problem for drivers in higher profile SUVS is that no matter how careful a driver is while reversing the vehicle, there is a blind spot below the rear window that extends at least 10 feet behind the rear bumper. Consequently, toddlers and other children below the age of eight are virtually invisible behind an average SUV. The danger is even greater for children because they tend to be less conscious of reversing vehicles.

There are many sad cases involving parents who forgot that they placed their babies in the carrier behind their own vehicle, got distracted, and backed their own car over the baby. The guilt and psychological effects of injuring or killing a child last forever. Frankly, car manufacturers have known for years that this technology should have been included in SUVs for safety reasons. The law requiring rear camera sensor features will save many lives and prevent innumerable auto accident injuries. The advent of this new federal regulation, while a step in the right direction, should have been enacted much sooner.

Unfortunately, despite new technologies, car accident injuries will still occur due to other people’s carelessness. If you have been injured in a car crash, call our experienced Denver accident lawyers for a free personal injury case consultation.


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