There are personal injury lawyers who suggest in their advertising that they know some magic formula that allows them to tell you how much your accident injury case is worth. The simple fact is that's simply Madison Avenue advertisement jargon. Just like every person is different and unique, every personal injury case is unique because of important facts such as the type of injury, time horizon for medical care, and even the available insurance coverage at the time of the accident. Two people in the same motor vehicle accident with the same injuries can have entirely different courses of medical care and can be looking at substantially different levels of future medical needs.

Many of these facts are not apparent or clear at the very beginning of a personal injury case. If an attorney in an initial conference tells you that he knows how much your injury case is worth, this is really a tremendous oversimplification. You should be leery of any personal injury attorney who evaluates your case with such simplicity.

The accident attorneys here at Anderson Hemmat take the time to thoroughly evaluate every aspect of your personal injury case. We have been praised time and time again for our ability to effectively communicate with our clients and not rush through or oversimplify any aspect of your accident injury case. We will not reel you in by touting how much your case may be worth. We will however fight tooth and nail to get you the maximum compensation your particular personal injury case is ACTUALLY WORTH.


Chad Hemmat


Co-Founder & Lead Trial Attorney

Chad Hemmat is a co-founding principal partner of Anderson Hemmat. Mr. Hemmat directs all civil litigation operations at Anderson Hemmat. Litigation is the actual court process. Mr. Hemmat is personally involved in every case and insures that each client receives impeccable representation. Read more...



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