Winning a personal injury claim can be difficult. To be sure, in addition to establishing the fault of the defendant by a preponderance of the evidence, you must also prove that your injuries would not have occurred but for the defendant’s actions and prove that the accident resulted in damages.

In order to prove these elements, you’ll need to submit a variety of evidence types. Our lawyers at the law offices of Anderson Hemmat can help you to understand how to collect and organize evidence in a way that is compelling for your claim. Consider the following list of the most important types of evidence in a personal injury claim, and reach out to our Denver personal injury lawyers for help gathering evidence today.

Police Report - When you are involved in an accident, especially an accident involving a motor vehicle, you should call the police and report the incident immediately. The police officer who arrives on scene will create a report that documents various elements of the accident, including who was involved, damages that resulted, and what may have happened to cause the accident. Make sure you request a copy of the report, as it may serve as a valuable evidence type in your claim.

Eyewitnesses’ Testimonies - The testimony of an eyewitness to your accident, especially a credible eyewitness who has no stake in your claim can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. Eyewitnesses can provide information about fault, causation, and damages; if you saw that someone witnessed your accident, be sure to ask them for their name and contact information so that you can follow up.

Medical Reports - Remember, you need to prove that the accident was the direct cause of your injuries and that you were actually injured/suffered damages. One of the best ways to do this is to present medical evidence, including your doctor’s notes, test reports, medical bills, and all other medical documents you have. A doctor’s statement can also be used to prove the extent of disability you have suffered.

Photos and Videos - After an accident, you should take as many photos of the accident and your injuries as possible. A photo can provide information about how an accident occurred, what factors were at play at the time of the accident (such as poor lighting or inclement weather), who was involved, and give various other clues about causation and damages.

Of course, if any video footage of the accident exists, this can be true gold in the evidentiary world.

Experts’ Opinions - As you navigate the personal injury claims process, you may find that the opinion of an expert, or the opinions of various experts, are necessary to prove various elements of your case, such as the negligence of the defendant. Accident reconstructionist, forensic experts, financial experts, medical experts, and more can all be hired to investigate your case and add clout to your claim.

How Our Colorado Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

When you have been in an accident, the most important thing is focusing on your recovery. When you hire our Colorado personal injury lawyers at the office of Anderson Hemmat, we will focus on building your claim, including gathering all evidence and hiring experts. To schedule a free consultation to learn more about our process and how we can assist you in recovering the compensation award you deserve, please reach out to us by phone or online today.


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