There's a series of protections in our federal law that I think anybody injured in a car crash needs to have an attorney to understand, and that's the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. One of the problems that a client will experience after a car crash is that even if they've got a lawyer representing them and they've got doctors that are providing them good care, at some point, and usually it's after 30 days, they start getting notices, debt collection. Ambulance company, paramedics: they're notorious for doing this, which is filing collection efforts and having collection companies start sending you correspondence maybe as soon as 30 days after your car crash.

Our clients are great clients, and by large our clients have good credit history when they come to see us. I look at it as part of our job when they leave our law firm to not have destroyed credit. I consider it part of the service. We use the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and I think any lawyer who is representing clients in this day and age needs to understand of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and how it can be used to stave off collection efforts.

We demand validation. We do it within 30 days. We ask them to produce documentation before they make any additional collection efforts. That's a fairly simple thing, but in the world of collection, when you imagine 99% of the folks are getting these collection notices and are largely doing nothing about it, you would be part of the 1% that actually have somebody knowing the laws, arming with the laws to protect your credit. Contact us and we can talk to you about some ideas we have to address those collection efforts associated with the post-accident injury care. For more information, contact us at 303-782-9999.


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