In many parts of the world, government-maintained stationary cameras document daily activities on the street. London's subway bombing and even the first photos of the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects were discovered using this technology.

Around 10 years ago, Denver, and other Colorado cities, stepped up their placement of cameras at intersections. The East High School student nearly killed last year by the hit and run driver (who was ironically a school teacher) was caught because her car crash with the student was caught on one of these intersection cameras in Denver. If not for intersection cameras, the hit and run case may not have ever been solved.

As Denver's program to implement street cameras expands, less of what people do will remain out of public view. These cameras can help people prove their personal injury cases in many ways. For instance, cameras can prove whether pedestrians were really in the crosswalks, which car had the green light, and which motorist failed to yield a right-of-way. What was once only solvable with eye witness testimony is now is a matter of downloading available intersection footage.

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