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Truck Accident Checklist: Know How to Preserve Your Rights

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Monday, June 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

trucking-crash-law-firmMost people understand what to do in the case of a car accident: make sure everyone is okay, call for assistance if need be, swap insurance information and if need be, call the police. Colorado truck accidents are a whole other ballgame entirely. Drivers of commercial vehicles are generally covered by their employers' liability policies and not their own. There are some other key differences.

Why Commercial Liability Insurers Are Not Your Friend
Tractor trailers may be slow, but the insurers who have to cover bodily and property damage are not. Semis involved in Colorado truck accidents and throughout the country are not cheap, more than top-end BMWs or other luxury cars. Since they are bigger, they are also more deadly and cause thousands of deaths each year, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Trucking accident fatalities around here, generally speaking, occur predominantly in the suburbs of Denver although they are of course not limited to that area. Continue Reading...

Anderson, Hemmat & McQuinn is Proud to Support Regis Jesuit High School

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Monday, May 02, 2016 | 0 Comments

Regis Jesuit LARK Fundraiser Anderson, Hemmat & McQuinn is proud to be supporting Regis Jesuit High School once again. Regis Jesuit High School, a Catholic, Jesuit, college preparatory high school serving young men and young women in grades 9-12. Regis is a co-divisional school, offering single-gender instruction by operating as two separate Divisions—the Boys Division and the Girls Division - with opportunities for students to pray, service and socialize together.  Continue Reading...

Distracted Driving is Not Just Using Your Phone While Driving

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Thursday, April 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

personal injury treating doctorPlease put away your phone while driving. Ok, good've only eliminated 25 percent of distracted driving automobile crashes. Seriously…put down the fries and let's talk.

Stop Combining Burgers and Boulevards

Before the glut of smartphones hit the market, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that four in five accidents were caused by people eating while driving. It makes sense, in fact all five of them. You are using touch, smell and taste for the burger or sandwich in your hand, as well as to wipe off the grease on fingers that should be gripping the wheel instead. Continue Reading...

If a Textalyzer Law Passes, Will it Limit Distracted Driving Accidents?

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Thursday, April 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

personal injury treating doctorNew York State is considering a first-of-its-kind device that would allow police officers to check motorists' cell phones for evidence of distracted driving prior to a car crash. It would provide law enforcement officers a system developed by the company helping the FBI crack the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone to detect phone use without accessing other information.

"I have often heard there is no such thing as a breathalyzer for distracted driving—so we created one," founder of the nonprofit behind the legislation Ben Lieberman stated. "Respecting drivers' personal privacy, however, is also important, and we are taking meticulous steps to not violate those rights." Continue Reading...

Tragedy on Wheels: Preventing Distracted Driver Accidents

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Monday, April 04, 2016 | 0 Comments

stop distracted drivingA high school basketball phenom lost her life in what was a late-night single-car accident. The investigation is not clear, but many times a teenager driving late at night can get either tired or fatigued. That would be especially true of a girl considered the best in Colorado girl's hoops and who received a posthumous shoutout from Warriors guard Steph Curry. Denver car crash attorneys know that the scene outside of Boulder can be an unfortunately common event. So much effort, then, goes into how to prevent distracted driving in the first place with tips like: Continue Reading...

Ethan McQuinn Selected for Super Lawyers 2016 Rising Stars

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Friday, April 01, 2016 | 0 Comments

personal injury treating doctorCongratulations Ethan McQuinn for making the 2016 Colorado Super Lawyers Rising Stars List for Personal Injury Plaintiff! About Rising Stars: The Rising Stars list is developed using the same patented multiphase selection process used for the Super Lawyers list except: To be eligible for inclusion in Rising Stars, a candidate must be either 40 years old or younger or in practice for 10 years or less. While up to 5 percent of the lawyers in a state are named to Super Lawyers, no more than 2.5 percent are named to Rising Stars. All attorneys first go through the Super Lawyers selection process. Those who are not selected to the Super Lawyers list, but meet either one of the Rising Stars eligibility requirements, then go through the Rising Stars selection process.  Continue Reading...

What is ERISA and Why Should I Care?

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Friday, March 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

personal injury treating doctorERISA is short for Employment Retirement Income Securities Act. It is an octopus of federal regulations that largely do not mean a whole lot to people unless they get involved in an injury accident and need their health insurance to pay for medical bills.

In that situation, there is a certain classification of health insurance that is regulated under federal ERISA law. When it comes to paying back health insurance benefits, knowing whether the insurance plan is or is not regulated by ERISA is critical. If your group health insurance comes from a company that you, your spouse, or your parents work for that is a very large multi-national corporation with thousands or hundreds of thousands of employees, it is exceedingly likely that ERISA would apply to the payback of any benefits your health insurance paid related to your injury accident. Alternatively, if you work at a small company with less than 25 or 30 employees, it is highly likely that ERISA would not apply to that health insurance, or the payback of any benefits health insurance paid related to your accident with injuriesContinue Reading...

Ridesharing—is it an Alternative to Driving Alone or an Insurance Nightmare?

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Wednesday, March 16, 2016 | 0 Comments

ride-sharingRidesharing is an alternative to driving to work alone. It can include carpooling, vanpooling, walking, riding your bike, or public transit. The obvious benefit to people who rideshare is that it saves in gasoline. Certain companies sponsor ridesharing or give employee incentives to carpool. There are even businesses that work to connect people in ridesharing situations. However, what has been largely misunderstood is the position auto insurance takes on ridesharing. Continue Reading...

We Encourage You to Come Watch Our Next Trial...It's a Doozy

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Saturday, February 13, 2016 | 0 Comments

Denver county court We start a trial in Denver District Court, room 269 (Honorable Shelley Gilman), on Tuesday, February 16th. Anyone is welcome and even encouraged to come watch. This case is quite interesting. It involves a hit and run (and then caught) drunk driver who crashed into our client and her daughter on their way to the movies at Flatiron Crossing in Broomfield. The driver and his Geico-hired insurance defense legal team is hoping to convince the Denver jury that with a blood alcohol of 2.5 times the legal limit, it was my client that, in an effort to make a false claim, intentionally drove her car into the path of the drunk. Yes, it's true. You can't make this stuff up. Continue Reading...

A Little About Our First Auto Accident Trial of 2016

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Friday, February 12, 2016 | 0 Comments

weld county courtI want to thank those who came out to watch certain aspects of the trial, that we were in from February 8-11th in Weld County District Court. The jury awarded us a bit more than what we asked for, including about $325,000 in actual damages and $500,000 in punitive damages. The jury found the intoxicated driver liable for our clients ongoing neck and back complaints and found the employer who provided this driver a work truck, and who had knowledge prior alcohol related driving of offenses (3 in the past) to be equally liable for the actual damages. Continue Reading...


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