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Denver Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

Has your insurance company failed to provide you the coverage you deserve and paid for?

The purpose of paying for insurance is to have it when you need it. When you pay for an insurance policy, the insurance company agrees to be financially responsible when a claim situation occurs. When a personinsurance bad faith lawyer denver suffers some type of a loss or personal injury for which they are insured, such as an auto accident, health coverage issue, or property damage, they expect their insurance company will provide them with the benefits of the coverage they are entitled to. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. There are unscrupulous insurance companies who will often attempt to avoid paying out a claim by denying it, delaying it, or paying a minimal amount. This is unacceptable behavior, and you shouldn't have to deal with it. If you feel you have been treated unfairly by your insurance company, contact a Denver insurance bad faith attorney to review your claim situation. These kinds of situations unfortunately occur all the time, and we are very experienced with handling them. We can analyze your insurance coverage and what compensation you are entitled to in order to determine whether your insurance company failed to follow fair claims practices. If they have, rest assured we will help you handle everything having to do with your insurance bad faith claim accordingly. Watch this video about insurance bad faith claims in Colorado.

Denver Accident Injury Lawyers Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

Do you have a dispute with your insurance company over a current accident claim. When you purchase insurance coverage, whether it is car insurance, business insurance or even health insurance, you establish a contract with the insurance company to provide you with the coverage as stated in the policy. The details of the contract vary from situation to situation, but what they are required to cover is specifically lined out in writing. When the insurance company violates that contract, you are entitled to file a claim against them for bad faith, in essence allowing you to pursue the coverage you were entitled to and in addition recover damages from them for breach of contract. It is a legal agreement into which you have entered. As such, you may require professional legal assistance to pursue compensation when the agreement is broken. If the denial or delay of your legitimate insurance claim has caused you undue hardship or financial stress, we will ensure that the insurance company is held accountable for its actions.

Insurance Bad Faith Claims: Inconvenience and Financial Hardship

Insurance is supposed to be there to help you cover sudden expenses from accidents, medical situations, and anything else that you have lined out in your coverage contract with them. When they fail to deliver, it can leave you in a dire situation where you have difficulty paying for the things you need. You may have to sacrifice other expenses to take care of those more pressing, and this can have many adverse effects on you and your loved ones. If the financial distress becomes pressing enough to affect your ability to pay your bills, then your credit will suffer. Credit problems can follow you for years and years, making it difficult to buy homes, vehicles, insurance, and much more. The longer you wait to get help pursuing a bad faith claim for the money your insurance company owes you, the more likely you are to develop problems paying bills and protecting your credit. It is also harder to set up a strong case the farther away from an incident that you get. Don't wait any longer. Let our experienced Denver accident attorneys seek justice for you.

Contact Us Today for Expert Insurance Bad Faith Representation

A highly skilled personal injury attorney from Anderson, Hemmat & McQuinn are well versed in insurance bad faith claims and insurance claim disputes. We can evaluate what insurance compensation you may be entitled to for your accident injuries or property damage. You can rely on us to represent you fairly in this unfortunate situation and make sure that the insurance company doesn't get away with taking advantage of your trust in them. When you call our accident attorneys, we will consult with you and evaluate the situation for free. This will allow us to determine what the insurance company owes you and how we can best pursue your insurance bad faith case from there. We understand how frustrating this process can be, which is why we want to help. Contact us today and let us start working for your rightful compensation.

Colorado Bad Faith Insurance Attorney Chad Hemmat

Useful Insurance Bad Faith Articles from Our Denver Personal Injury Blog:

Why GEICO Might Owe You

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Wednesday, April 26, 2017 | 0 Comments

geico may owe you money The Verdict: On April 13, 2017, a Colorado Federal Jury rendered a verdict finding that GEICO failed to prove that it complied with mandatory insurance laws requiring it to provide customers with a reasonable opportunity to purchase higher levels of Uninsured and Underinsured motorist coverage when purchasing insurance online at Anderson, Hemmat & McQuinn were the trial lawyers for the prevailing party. What we won for our client requires GEICO to pay the additional insurance benefits for coverages that GEICO failed to offer our client. Continue Reading...

What it Means to Be a “Permissive User” of a Loaned Car

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Thursday, October 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

personal injury treating doctorWe probably all remember our parents allowing us to drive one of their vehicles while we were in high school. If your parents were like my parents, they of course told you to be careful. They may have even told you not to loan your car to anyone else because if you did, you would not be “covered.” What your Dad meant by that was that if you gave your car to someone else your auto insurance would not cover any injuries that your friend caused to someone else because your friend did not have permission to drive the vehicle. Well, this is one of the few times that your Dad was actually wrong. Continue Reading...

Now Your Insurance Has To Pay You Piecemeal Benefits if Need Be (A Way They Hate the Most)

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Tuesday, May 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

uim-car-insuranceThe uninsured/underinsured motorist statute found in our Colorado State laws at C.R.S. § 10-4-609, mandates that an insurance company must evaluate their insured’s loss and pay the claim when due. Furthermore, C.R.S. § 10-3-1115/1116 provides for a penalty against an insurance company if that company unreasonably delays or denies a covered benefit when due. Nonetheless, whether an insurance company had an obligation to pay piecemeal benefits remained unsettled until May 7, 2015 when the Colorado Court of Appeals issued its decision in Fisher v. State Farm Automobile Insurance Company, 13 CA 2361. Insurance companies hate the idea of paying part of a claim, and then having to pay more when more damages/losses are incurred or substantiated. They prefer the leverage associated with holding undisputed money ransom until a policyholder capitulates and accepts less to resolve an entire claim forever. Therefore, the Fisher case is groundbreaking. Continue Reading...

Chad Hemmat Speaks About Insurance Bad Faith at The Colorado Trial Lawyers Association Conference

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Thursday, May 21, 2015 | 1 Comments

chad hemmat and don etherton Colorado Trial Lawyers Association Conference on Insurance Bad Faith - Sheridan DTC, Friday May 15 2015

On January 14, 2013, Chad Hemmat, partner at Anderson, Hemmat & McQuinn, representing Don Etherton in Etherton v. Auto-Owner’s Insurance Company, Case No. 10-cv-00892 commenced a two week trial in the Colorado Federal District Court.  The trial resulted in the first significant Colorado jury verdict in the area of law known as statutory insurance bad faith (1115/1116).

Prior to trial, Auto-Owners Insurance offered only $1 to settle claims with Mr. Etherton.  The jury found in favor of Don Etherton and against his auto insurance company and awarded an amount valued at or near $2,500,000.00. Continue Reading...

Insurance Company Bad Faith: Knowing What Not to Argue

Posted by: Chad Hemmat | Wednesday, March 02, 2011 | 0 Comments

When an insurance company is on trial for its conduct, its best friends are "confusion, complexity, and distraction." Every argument an insurance company makes in response to a policyholder's complaints about its misbehavior is geared toward making the case as complex as possible while confusing and distracting the jury. After all, if the jury is confused as to whether the insurance company's conduct was reasonable, they will likely determine that the plaintiff has not met his burden of proof and do the easy thing...decide in favor of the insurance company. After all, the jury wants to get back to living their everyday lives. Think of "confusion, complexity and distraction" as the key to nearly every insurance company defense to nearly everything. Continue Reading...

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