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Settlement: $1,295,000   Case Type: Automobile Accident

Nurse rear-ended by a driver, in a chain reaction 4 vehicle collision with approximately $3,700.00 worth of property damage. The client thought he had sustained no physical injury at the time of the accident. Approximately 12 days later, the client began treating for low back injury. Ultimately, the client underwent a 4 level back fusion and was forced to quit his job as a nurse.

Judgement: $1,450,000   Case Type: Automobile Accident

A man riding home on a motorcycle was struck by a negligent driver who wrongfully took the right of way at an intersection. The client suffered serious injuries to his neck, head, and leg and was kept at the hospital for four months before he could finally return home.

Judgement: $1,450,000   Case Type: Automobile Accident

The client was riding his motorcycle home when a drunk driver ran a stop sign and pulled in front of the client, causing him to be thrown head first through the back door and window of the drunk's car. The drunk driver had a BAC nearly twice the DUI limit when she caused the collision. The client spent nearly a month in the hospital where he underwent liver surgery, a spleen removal, and had screws surgically implanted in his arm and leg.

Judgement: $10,000,000   Case Type: Automobile Accident / Wrongful Death

A single mother of one was acting as a designated driver driving home family members after a wedding. She was proceeding, after dropping off her last family member, westbound on 92nd Avenue approaching Federal Blvd. At that same time, a 25 year old male with blood alcohol level in excess of .36 BAC, was proceeding eastbound on the westbound lane of 92nd at an excessive speed. At the intersection of 92nd and Bryant the intoxicated 25 year old male struck head on the vehicle driven by the 50 year old victim. The victim died at the scene survived by her young daughter.

Judgement: $2,500,000   Case Type: Insurance Bad Faith

A man was rear-ended by a driver and complained of back pain to his doctor 16 days after the collision. The client underwent three back surgeries and incurred $400,000 in medical bills. The driver who rear-ended the client had inadequate insurance coverage to compensate the client for his injuries so the client made a claim on his underinsured motorist policy. The insurance company unreasonably denied and delayed the client’s claim and refused to fairly compensate him for his injuries.

Settlement: $2,600,000   Case Type: Automobile Accident / Workplace Accident

Mechanic driving from Denver to Glenwood Springs delivering a repaired vehicle, rolled the vehicle he was in and he was thrown from the vehicle which resulted in suffering partial paralysis. The driver was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

Settlement: $210,000   Case Type: Automobile Accident

A man was a passenger in a vehicle that was traveling down the highway. The driver fell asleep causing a one-vehicle rollover collision. The man ultimately required a neck surgery.

Verdict: $256,000   Case Type: Automobile Accident

A man was rear-ended by an elderly defendant resulting in only $593.00 worth of damage to the man’s car. As a result of the automobile collision, the man underwent a neck surgery and suffered some damage to his vision.

Settlement: $325,000   Case Type: Automobile Accident

A man was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle and suffered a herniated disk in his lower back. This injury led to fusion surgery.

Settlement: $415,000   Case Type: Insurance Bad Faith / Legal Malpractice

Two law firms that were assisting a mentally disabled woman settled an insurance bad faith claim for $250,000.00. The insurance policy provided, however, that the disabled person could be entitled to as much as $500,000.00 but the woman and her family were not advised of that possibility. When the family complained about the settlement, the attorneys representing the woman at the time stated that if she did not agree to take the settlement, the settlement would be enforced by the Court and she would lose. After she took the settlement, a legal malpractice action was brought by Mr. Hemmat against the disabled woman’s former lawyers for negligent representation.

Judgement: $445,000   Case Type: Automobile Accident

While visiting a friend in Denver, a man was rear-ended by a drunk driver who had consumed 19 to 21 Corona Beers—some of which were consumed in the car on the way to the bar. The client sustained injuries to his shoulder in the collision and later underwent surgery to repair a left rotator cuff tear.

Settlement: $500,000   Case Type: Automobile Accident

A man was a passenger in a co-workers' vehicle when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle rolled over which resulted in the man having to undergo a bladder and back surgery.

Settlement: $500,000   Case Type: Workplace Accident

While on a construction job, a worker fell from scaffolding onto hard cement. The scaffolding was not secured properly which caused the male worker to fall. The worker severed his spinal cord which resulted in paraplegia.

Settlement: $750,000   Case Type: Workplace Accident

A nurse, while on duty, was tending to a patient. The nurse had to lift the patient in order to do her job. While lifting the patient out of bed, the patient fell back onto the nurse which resulted in the nurse having to undergo multiple back surgeries.

Settlement: $800,000   Case Type: Legal Malpractice / Medical Malpractice

A woman went in for testing because of migraine headaches. MRI scans showed nothing abnormal. She went back in for more testing three years later because the headaches got worse. They then found a large meningioma tumor on the new scan. After reviewing the prior MRI scans this tumor should have been found on the first scan three years prior. If found earlier the tumor could have been treated with focused radiation but because the tumor was allowed to grow she underwent three open brain surgeries. The woman started a medical malpractice claim. The firm she hired dropped the case and did not properly notify the client. The clients statue of limitations was allowed to expire. Client finally hire us to prove both attorney negligence and the underlying medical malpractice case.

Judgement: $997,600   Case Type: Automobile Accident

A local union carpenter was rear-ended by another driver on a snowy day. When he was standing between the two vehicles to inspect the damage, a third vehicle rear-ended the stopped cars, pinning the carpenter’s left leg between his bumper and the bumper of the first contact vehicle. The carpenter’s leg was crushed and he underwent a series of surgeries over the next 17 days. His injuries caused him devastating loss of income.

: 1,885,400   Case Type: Legal Malpractice

Colorado Springs Lawyer Slammed with $1.2 million Verdict for Legal Malpractice and Failed Effort at Cover up.

Patric LeHoulier “took advantage” of his brain injured client’s memory issues in an attempt to “cover his tracks,” according to Denver attorney, Chad Hemmat, of Anderson Hemmat, LLC.

Hemmat sued LeHoulier for legal malpractice in El Paso county court. On Tuesday, January 21st, a jury handed down a $1.2 million verdict against LeHoulier.

The jury found LeHoulier’s (former) client’s medical malpractice claim was badly mishandled by LeHoulier—who missed the statute of limitations deadline to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who misdiagnosed her brain tumor –that ultimately left her permanently blind, deaf, suffering from severe memory problems and 100% disabled at 37 years old.

Patric LeHouiler then attempted to use his client’s memory impairment from her brain surgeries to cover up his failure.