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Our job, as Colorado Plaintiff Injury Attorneys, is to fight for our clients' rights to get the financial recovery they deserve. We promise you the best quality service. When you come to Anderson Hemmat for help, you can expect results. We have the experience and resources it takes to beat the savvy insurance companies you are up against in a drunk driving accident injury case.

Our goal as personal injury lawyers is to be relentless in the pursuit of justice for our clients while maintaining our reputation of professionalism. We have over 30+ years of combined experience in Colorado DUI Law, and have received great reviews from our clients.

We help our clients understand:

  • What options you have at your disposal
  • What legal routes you can take
  • What paperwork is required to substantiate your claim
  • How to get the most satisfactory compensation

Why Drunk Driving Crash Injuries Are So Severe

Even the slightest amount of alcohol in one's system makes it hard to do everyday tasks.

The legal limit is a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08. At a BAC of 0.02 percent, drivers are already unable to multitask, and at a still-legal 0.05 percent, steering becomes difficult and reaction time is significantly slowed.

Considering that a car travels 88 feet per second at 55 MPH, any delay can lead to tragic consequences. While sober, it can take 0.2 seconds to react, which means you have already traveled about 18 feet at this speed before you can even slow down. As people consume more alcohol, this reaction time declines steeply, leaving less time for reaction and more room for error - which can prove fatal.

By the time a person has consumed enough to be over the legal limit of 0.08 percent BAC, they struggle to concentrate, maintain speed, and even stay in their own lane. This often leads to tragic outcomes.

Often, drunk driving accidents wind up wounding those who are innocent, and completely sober, tearing families apart, and causing thousands in damages. We understand this pain and grief and are here to fight for your compensation rigorously.

I Was Hit by A Drunk Driver, Now What Do I Do?

If you or a loved one were involved in a drunk driving accident injury the first thing to know is that you are not alone. Nearly one-third of all fatal crashes occur because of driving under the influence, and many of those include people who have consumed alcohol. You are likely contemplating medical care, surgeries, and any physical therapy you may need.

In addition, your monthly bills haven't gone away. Loved ones need care. You need answers to questions like:

  • What can legal assistance do for me?

  • How long will this process take?

  • Should I talk to my insurance company?

  • Should I talk to the responsible party's insurance company?

  • When can I seek medical attention?

  • How will my medical bills be paid?

  • Will I have to go to court?

The best thing you can do is contact an expert Colorado DUI Attorney immediately. We can help you understand your rights, what you are entitled to, and help you act fast while your case is still able to be tried. Yes...believe it or not, there is a time period in which you must file a DUI claim, or it will no longer be valid.

Colorado Cares About Injured DUI Crash Victims

There are numerous enforcement efforts each year designed to reduce the rate of Colorado DUI offenses.

A recent change in mandatory Colorado DUI felony for certain cases has resulted in a decrease in the number of citations written by the Colorado State Patrol. This occurs even though Colorado continues to spend millions of dollars a year on enforcement and awareness campaigns.

These types of programs can lead to more than 1,000 arrests over the course of just a few weeks. Yet nearly half of all traffic fatalities in the spring and summer happen because a drunk driver was behind the wheel.

Today, the national and local media is focusing on the "newness" of driving after smoking or ingesting marijuana. Smoking marijuana and driving can result in a DUI. Despite these heightened penalties for DUI in Colorado, Coloradans still drive impaired. In fact, our state still ranks in the top-10 for citations.

In short, Colorado is buckling down on drunk driving. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, this can work in your favor.

While all 50 states have laws to protect the public against drunk drivers, there are extra steps taken by the state of Colorado.

Because of the high rate of impaired driving and the admission that 1.9% of adults in Colorado report driving after drinking too much within the last 30 days, law enforcement has taken action.

Colorado police use DUI checkpoints to stop vehicles in highly visible locations to check for drunk driving and prevent repeat offenders. These checkpoints remain critical in protecting the public against drunk driving.

How Alcohol Affects the Body & Driving Ability

(BAC) of .02

(BAC) of .05

(BAC) of .08

Vision decreases and becomes blurry

Motor skills diminish

Severe dizziness and nausea

Difficulty focusing

Cannot steer properly

Complete lack of coordination

Cannot distinguish between colors

Poor balance

Inability to control bodily functions

Cannot judge distance

Poor coordination

Vision blurred, words slurred

Peripheral vision diminishes

Reaction time slows


Night vision decreases


Potential for unconsciousness

Colorado Drunk Driving Laws

So, you might be asking, "What are the DUI laws in Colorado?" Colorado DUI laws make it illegal to drive with any amount of alcohol under the age of 21. For those who are of legal age, the state maintains strict rules to prevent drunk driving.

Colorado DUI laws have 3 categories for impaired driving:





Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination.

If a driver has a BAC of .08% or more, with substantial impairment to their ability to safely operate a vehicle that means they are under the influence.


Driving a vehicle with impaired ability, as a result of drugs, alcohol, or a combination.

Ability impaired means the driver was only slightly impaired. A defendant with a BAC between .05% and .08% falls under this category.

DUI per se

Operating a vehicle with a BAC over .08%.

Driving a vehicle means having physical control over a vehicle, even if that car is not moving. That means a driver could simply be in a running vehicle in the parking lot, with a high BAC, and be convicted.

Colorado DUI Penalties

Regardless of what type of personal injury or damages you are seeking, working with a Colorado DUI Lawyer is essential to ensuring you have the right representation to fight for the compensation you deserve.

People facing DUI charges can:

  1. Lose their license

  2. Face to jail time

  3. Incur fines

  4. Have to perform public service

Colorado DUI penalties are based on the offense and the type of conviction. Generally, the penalties for the first offense of a DWAI will be less severe than the DUI. However, if it is a second or third offense, the penalties will be higher, especially the public service, license revocation, and jail time.

Why Hire A Personal Injury Attorney for Your DUI Driver Crash Case?

If you were the victim of a drunk driving accident in Colorado, you need an attorney you trust to help you pursue those avenues. Equally important, you need an attorney who specializes in Colorado drunk driving accident law. Don’t turn to your friend's cousin who practices family law and *might* remember a thing or two about Colorado DUI laws and accident injury. You want to retain an accident injury attorney.

1. Working with An Expert Matters

This is where we step in. Our team is up to date on recent legal outcomes. We have relationships with other legal professionals in our field. Most importantly, we have years of experience with Colorado drunk driving accident cases.

You need to work with someone who has taken on accident injury cases like yours. Since each case is different, we will meet with you to determine which Colorado DUI Attorney on our team has the most appropriate specialization for your issue.

2. Get Compensation Quickly

Chances are, you don’t have all year to sit around waiting for compensation from a drunk driving accident. You likely have medical bills to pay, are in need of a new vehicle or repairs, have missed work, or have a family to provide for. We help get the compensation needed for the financial needs that come as a result of your injuries.

We understand how defendants think. We know what they will want in order to negotiate a settlement and accept a demand. We also know how to communicate effectively with everyone involved. We create an environment where your rights are paramount. We are able to get out of court settlements for our clients quickly, while still getting them the compensation they deserve.

3. Getting the Right Compensation

If you have been injured in a Denver DUI crash, you might be able to seek damages from insurance companies, other drivers, or other businesses. Working with someone who is experienced in Colorado DUI Law can help to maximize your compensation from your accident.

4. Working with Third Parties Is A Hassle

A lot of personal injury cases end up involving car insurance companies. This can cause quite a headache as these companies will fight to avoid paying out, even for justified claims.

One of the biggest challenges you might face is trying to deal with insurance companies, other drivers, or other parties. You might even be dealing with more than one insurance company which can interfere with the ease of your case.

5. You Do Not Have Time

If you were involved in an accident you are not only grieving, but dealing with physical, emotional, and financial problems. Putting all of this stress on top of everyday life leaves little time for you to fight a legal battle.

But don’t let that lead you to take the first settlement offer you receive. Fight for what’s right! You don’t need the additional burden of dealing with claims and lawsuits. Let us handle that.

6. You Need to Act Quickly

Statutes of Limitations define a maximum time period in which you can file a personal injury claim. This time limit is only 3 years. While this may seem like a long time, getting all of the paperwork in line and speaking with all of the right people can take 6 months alone if working by yourself.

On top of this, other Statutes of Limitations only allow us to gain information from bars as to who was drinking and how much they drank for 1 year! Other Statutes from the DMV limit certain information to this time frame as well.

The longer you wait, the less time you have to settle in or out of court for the compensation that you deserve. Keep time on your side, and work with a professional.

7. Experience Speaks for Itself

At Anderson Hemmat, we have well over 30+ years of combined DUI personal injury experience. Throughout this time, we have helped hundreds of satisfied clients to get the compensation they deserve for their injuries, inconveniences, damages, and stress.

We stop at nothing to make sure that our clients receive the highest level of professionalism and determination each and every time - not stopping until justice is reached. Not only do we have the experience to know exactly how to handle your case, but we have the passion, and the testimonials to back it up.

Useful DUI Driver Accident Case Information

Choose Experienced DUI Accident Injury Attorneys

If you want to pursue a legal remedy for your pain and suffering, and those of any loved ones, congratulations. It can be frightening to seek out help when things can feel so overwhelming.

When you work with us, you get:

  1. Experience - Hands down, the most important partner in the legal system is a team that has already walked the same path and can work with you to achieve the best possible results.

  2. Tailored Care Based on Your Preferences - Reliving past trauma can make things worse for some of our clients. Others want to be more involved in how their case is handled. We work with you to find the right balance.

  3. Focus and Expertise - Our team has experience building cases based on a variety of facts. We tailor our approach following our conversations with YOU.

Each case is different, each client too. Set up a consultation with our firm so that we can sit down and review your situation then walk you through the steps needed to move forward.

You will walk away knowing exactly what you need to do, by when, and with whom.

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