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Catastrophic injures are considered those severe enough to impact a person's ability to function in life and in the most tragic cases, the victim loses their lives as a result. Catastrophic injuries can include paralysis, whether partial or full, spinal cord injuries, burn injuries and brain damage as well as loss of limb, eyesight or hearing. The life changing effects on the individual are devastating to both the victim and their family and full time medical care is often required. If you are considering filing a catastrophic injury claim, consulting with a Denver personal injury attorney is an urgent matter.

Catastrophic or serious accident injuries could include:

The injury attorneys at Anderson Hemmat have successfully recovered just and reasonable compensation for our clients. We feel that not all lawyers take their catastrophic injury cases as far as they should and settle for far less that the injuries would warrant. A 'good' settlement is not our goal; we fight for the maximum compensation possible to cover the losses you have suffered. We have an initial free consultation to answer your questions regarding the claims process. We are proud of our record of success for our clients who have suffered serious injuries and you can be assured that we will work tirelessly on your behalf.

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As such injuries can be so painful, difficult and physically and emotionally distressing for the injured victim, addressing the legal matters related to the lawsuit or claim for compensation is rarely the first priority. This is actually an urgent matter, and careful documentation of every aspect of the case must be undertaken for the claims process. There are many issues to take into account - not only the stressful financial burdens but the physical and emotional impact such injuries place on the individual and their family members. Our legal team will fight for justice and fair and full compensation for our clients. As the injured client may require a lifetime of medical care and treatment, how the case is addressed legally is of ultimate concern to the innocent victim and their families. Professional support from our legal team is an urgent need in catastrophic injury cases. Contact a Denver catastrophic injury attorney if you or a loved one has sustained catastrophic injuries due to the negligence of another in an accident.

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