I want to thank those who came out to watch certain aspects of the trial, that we were in from February 8-11th in Weld County District Court. The jury awarded us a bit more than what we asked for, including about $325,000 in actual damages and $500,000 in punitive damages. The jury found the intoxicated driver liable for our clients ongoing neck and back complaints and found the employer who provided this driver a work truck, and who had knowledge prior alcohol related driving of offenses (3 in the past) to be equally liable for the actual damages.

The jury's award of punitive damages was directed to the now 4-time drunk driver. I asked for a $400,000 award for punitive damages ($100,000 for each such prior offense). The jury thought, however, that $500,000 was more appropriate. My client, already posted a 5-star Google review, which I would be proud for anyone to read.

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