Patric LeHoulier "took advantage" of his brain injured client’s memory issues in an attempt to "cover his tracks," according to Colorado personal injury attorney, Chad Hemmat, of Anderson Hemmat LLC.

Hemmat sued LeHoulier for legal malpractice in El Paso county court. On Tuesday, January 21st, a jury handed down a $1.2 million verdict against LeHoulier.

The jury found LeHoulier’s (former) client’s medical malpractice claim was badly mishandled by LeHoulier—who missed the statute of limitations deadline to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who misdiagnosed her brain tumor –that ultimately left her permanently blind, deaf, suffering from severe memory problems and 100% disabled at 37 years old.

Patric LeHouiler then attempted to use his client’s memory impairment from her brain surgeries to cover up his failure.


Chad Hemmat


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