There are some law firms that primarily represent insurance companies against Colorado's injured but occasionally dabble in representing injured parties. Some of these firms have started a rather public campaign suggesting that the resumes of their partners might be more impressive than lawyers who "regularly advertise on television or on billboards."

They describe themselves as award-winning. Put aside for the moment that the majority of their legal skills have been honed figuring out ways to pay injured people as little as possible. While they certainly don't mention our name in their advertisements, they have gotten our attention. In the fine print of their commercials, they state that they have been recognized as a 2011 Super Lawyer, and an AV Rated attorney with Martindale-Hubbell. Those are indeed impressive awards bestowed on less than 5% of the legal professionals in our state.

Perhaps we shouldn't take it personally. We aren't the only law firm that advertises on TV. Ironically, this particular defense firm is the only firm (to my knowledge) other than us that advertises on TV and billboards. So you can imagine our surprise that they would criticize firms that advertise. But more importantly, the partners at our firm have received the same prestigious awards as those mentioned above. In all those years of being insurance company attorneys, how could they be so sloppy and careless in implying that our firm's credentials are substandard? Of course, they may have simply been referring to another law firm.

At Anderson Hemmat, our partners are AV-Rated by Martindale-Hubbell. I have personally been named as a Super Lawyer as well. The partners have also been listed as "Top 100 Colorado Trial Lawyers." While we don't intentionally set out to compile awards, we are truly unaware of any "great lawyer award" we haven't already had the pleasure of receiving. Accordingly, we must assume that the "wolf in sheep's clothing" law firm comparing their attorney awards to our attorney awards was either not speaking about us or haven't done their homework.

The truth is that when you are hurt, a lawyer with awards under his belt is not enough. Your lawyer needs to address your concerns, understand how to get you through the system, and most of all, needs to care. Is it nice that we have been recognized and received our share of awards? You bet. But to that family who just lost a mother, a son, or a grandfather to a drunk or texting driver, we are certain we bring a great deal more to the table than just lawyer awards.

At Anderson Hemmat, our firm is not just award-winning, we truly care. None of the lawyers at our firm have spent the majority of their careers representing insurance companies. We exclusively represent injured parties. If you have been injured as a result of someone else's carelessness, give us a call. We will be happy to speak to you at no charge and evaluate your case for you.


Chad Hemmat


Co-Founder & Lead Trial Attorney

Chad Hemmat is a co-founding principal partner of Anderson Hemmat. Mr. Hemmat directs all civil litigation operations at Anderson Hemmat. Litigation is the actual court process. Mr. Hemmat is personally involved in every case and insures that each client receives impeccable representation. Read more...



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