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Of all the many types of traffic accidents that occur in the Denver area, those involving head-on collisions are often the most damaging to all parties involved. When vehicles collide "head-on" this means that they are traveling toward one another and the front ends collide. Common examples include situations where a driver veers into oncoming traffic or goes the wrong direction on a one-way street. The location of impact is one factor that makes these collisions catastrophic. The occupants of the vehicle are in the front and are therefore more likely to sustain injury in a head-on collision. If the force of impact is great enough, occupants may even suffer "crush injuries" from the vehicle being compressed inward. The other factor that contributes to the serious nature of a head-on car accident is the fact that the force of impact will equal the total of both vehicles' speeds. If one car is traveling 30 miles per hour and the other is traveling 50 miles per hour, the collision will equal the force of one vehicle colliding with a fixed object at 80 miles per hour.

Head-On Car Accidents Are Devastating

These collisions are very likely to result in injuries, often some of the worst seen in car accident situations. You or a loved one may have suffered lacerations, broken bones, crushed appendages, head trauma, or your loved one may have even died. The medical costs resulting from such an accident as this will accumulate quickly, and then get out of hand even more quickly. Aside from your medical bills, you will need to deal with the insurance companies and property damage too. Handling all of the details can be very difficult if the injuries were severe, because you and the other victims could possibly be confined to a hospital bed and unable to get around to business. If a death was involved, there may be confusion as to exactly how things should be handled overall. The most common result of head-on collisions is that your vehicle will be totaled, and you will have to find a replacement. With all of the confusion going on, it can be difficult to decide what needs to be done first. The most important thing is to take care of the medical concerns for you and your loved ones. Recovery is crucial, and that is why it can be beneficial for you to hire a head-on collision accident attorney.

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Injured in a Head-On Collision in Colorado?

A Denver personal injury lawyer can help if you were injured or if you lost a loved one in a head-on collision. Our law firm understands the difficult nature of an insurance claim of this kind. We know that dealing with legal issues, law enforcement and the other driver – at a time where you are already emotionally or physically traumatized – can be overwhelming, to say the least. That is why we are here to offer our services in assisting you with your insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. Our experience in head-on collision cases and car accidents in general can make a significant impact in your ability to recover full financial compensation for your car accident injuries. We will handle your case with compassion, making sure that you understand the process and everything that will be required of you. Our main goal will be to take stress and worry from you, so that you can focus on healing and getting your life back on track. Do not wait to consult with an attorney who can protect your legal rights and your interests. Contact a car accident lawyer today!

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