18 Wheeler Auto Accident Injury Lawyer

Among the huge trucks on our highways in the Denver area, 18-wheelers are the largest and heaviest. Most drivers of these massive vehicles are responsible and well-trained. Even in the best of conditions with the finest drivers, situations can occur leading to serious accidents, such as icy roads or brake failure or other system failure leading to dangerous and deadly truck accidents. In other cases it is later determined that the truck driver was fatigued, negligent or failed to follow the guidelines and restrictions in operating these vehicles, endangering innocent individuals who are sharing the streets and highways. As these commercial trucks can weight in excess of 80,000 lbs when fully loaded, the danger to other drivers is extreme, and when motor vehicle accidents occur, the injuries sustained can be life-threatening or even result in fatal injuries to the innocent.

Injured in an 18-Wheeler Accident in Denver?

As the damages suffered by innocent victims in 18-wheeler accidents can be extremely severe, the lawsuit or claim filed to recover damages must be carefully prepared and filed. A Colorado truck accident attorney from Anderson Hemmat provides the skilled personal injury legal representation that is so crucial in complex accident injury claims. Our commercial truck accident law team has powerful resources and experience to support the client in pursuing fair and full compensation for damages.

In many cases, the victim has suffered a catastrophic injury such as burns, disfiguring injuries, crushed or damaged limbs, traumatic brain injuries or spinal injuries. As such injuries will require many years of medical care and treatment, the compensatory damages sought will reflect not only the medical costs but the permanent changes that the victim will now be facing. Our legal team does not quickly accept low settlements; our cases are aggressively pursued with the client's best interests and future as our only concern.

18-wheeler trucks, also referred to as big rigs or semi-trucks, are implicated in hundreds of personal injury truck accidents every year. Because of the sheer size and weight of these commercial trucks, they aren't able to stop as fast as a car or even a smaller commercial delivery truck. And, when a truck accident with injury occurs, the damage and injuries can be substantial—if not fatal. It isn't surprising that 18-wheelers are implicated in numerous wrongful death and personal injury cases each year in Colorado.

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What Causes 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents?

There are multiple reasons why an 18-wheeler can be in an accident resulting in injuries. While sometimes it is the fault of the driver, other times it is weather or even a negligent trucking company that causes the truck accident. Most commonly 18-wheelers are involved in accidents because of a fatigued or tired truck driving, distracted driving, speeding, defective truck equipment or improper truck maintenance. Product defects can also be to blame in a trucking accident, which then results in a liability case against the product manufacturer instead of the trucking company or driver.

18-Wheeler Regulations in Colorado

There are federal and state regulations that a commercial trucker must adhere to. In addition to the usual state licensing, inspection and registration, an 18-wheeler or semi-truck must also meet federal regulations. For example, drivers of 18-wheeler vehicles must meet DOT or Department of Transportation regulations—including training and criminal background checks. Also, there are regulations regarding how many hours a commercial truck operator can drive. Sometimes a trucking company may violate those requirements by forcing their drivers to stay on the road longer than legally acceptable, and this may result in a truck accident involving injuries.

Anderson Hemmat Personal Injury Law Firm Can Help

We use our knowledge of the trucking industry to help you win your 18-Wheeler accident personal injury lawsuit. We know that any type of accident causes a strain on you and your family. Also, we know that an accident involving an 18-wheeler can be utterly devastating. These vehicles are known to lose control and cause fatal injuries. In addition to the damage to your vehicle, you and any passengers involved could suffer from long-term effects. That is why our team of 18-wheeler accident attorneys goes to work helping you get compensation for:

  • Medical expenses (today and in the future)
  • Rehabilitation and associated expenses
  • Any lost wages from the truck accident
  • Compensation for physical and mental pains of the accident

Not all truck accident lawyers are the same. Because of the special regulations regarding 18-wheeler commercial trucks, you need an attorney that is experienced in handling these types of cases. At Anderson Hemmat we have extensive knowledge regarding the trucking industry, and we can help you carry out a successful 18-wheeler truck accident lawsuit.

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