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When trucking companies try to ship large amounts of goods in fewer trips, the result can be massive trucks which are longer and heavier than ever. A poorly designed or exceedingly heavy load can result in a truck rollover. A heavily laden semi-truck can carry cargo that weighs up to eighty-thousand pounds. These loads can make it difficult for the driver to control the truck at a sudden stop or sharp turn. Truck rollover may occur due to driver negligence, weather conditions, drive fatigue, intoxication, speeding, and road obstacles.

Our attorneys are committed to providing victims of truck rollover with legal representation of the highest quality. We have recovered compensation for countless victims who have sustained injuries or even lost loved ones due to truck rollover. If you would like to find out how a Denver truck accident attorney can assist you, contact our firm immediately.

Semi-Truck Rollover Accident Injury Cases

If a semi-truck rollover collides with a passenger vehicle, there is a slim chance of survival. When passengers and drivers in motor vehicles do survive the crash, it is often not without serious catastrophic injuries such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, and paralysis. In a rollover accident, surrounding vehicles can literally be crushed by an out of control tractor trailer. A nearby pedestrian or bicyclist unfortunate enough to be nearby the incident will likely be killed. Our firm has helped thousands recover damages from insurance companies. We may be able to assist you in this difficult time.

Semi-trucks are already prone to rollovers. When trucking companies try to cut costs by risking the safety of others, we do not stand idly by. We will fight for the fair compensation of our clients so that they can afford their medical expenses and hopefully move on According to recent studies, every 16 minutes there is an individual hurt in an accident with a semi-truck in the United States. When a large truck rolls over, the results can be fatal. Semi-truck accidents harm a lot more than just the driver of the truck—they can harm multiple vehicles and their passengers at the same time.

A Few Commercial Truck Rollover Statistics

According to the NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over half of the fatalities associated with semi-truck accidents are because of a rollover. These numbers continue to rise. That puts drivers on the road at higher risk for an accident now more than ever before. As a result, drivers on the road must be more mindful of their proximity to these trucks as well as their rights after an accident.

Anderson Hemmat are experienced truck accident attorneys that can help protect your rights after an accident. You might be approached by their attorneys or an insurance agent to settle, but never accept a settlement until you speak to an attorney. Often these settlements aren't enough to compensate you for the damage that you'll encounter now and in the future.

Why Semi-Trucks Are At Risk for Rollover

Most rollover incidents occur because a truck driver is driving too fast. There are serious responsibilities on the shoulders of truck drivers. Not only are they carrying a load that is often of substantial value, but they are accountable for how they act on the road while driving. Even more so, they are responsible for the safety of others while on the road.

Some of the reasons semi-trucks rollover include, but are not limited to:

  • High speeds

  • Not loading their truck properly

  • Taking turns too fast

  • Driving distracted

  • Being fatigued while driving

  • Turning too sharp to avoid an obstacle or accident

  • Parking on an inadequate surface

  • Making abrupt maneuvers

Most of these causes are avoidable just by following the rules of the road and practicing safe driving. Therefore, if a truck accident occurs, the driver and his company should be held liable for the damages associated with that accident. If you or a loved one has been injured in a semi-truck rollover, contact the personal injury attorneys at Anderson Hemmat today.

While a truck driver might not be able to control all road conditions, they are required by federal law to drive safely in certain situations. Some conditions that can cause rollovers include:

  • Rainy or icy surfaces

  • Work areas

  • Windy roads

  • Steep hillsides

  • Soft road surfaces

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