Oct 23, 2015

You've had an auto accident with injuries and then what happens is you get a call from your insurance company, wanting to get a recorded statement of you. What are they looking for? Mostly, they're looking for fraud. They're looking for you to make up a story, something provable. They're looking for you to not be able to identify where exactly the accident happened. They're looking for you to be vague as to the details. Be specific and sharp on the details of the motor vehicle accident. You may very well want to wait to get a copy your own accident report before you actually get on the phone with the insurance company.

More than anything, however, the easiest way for the insurance company not to pay your claim is for you to lie. More than probably anything else, for you to commit to whether you had some of the same injuries that we're talking about in this accident, if you had these going on in your life before. Don't gloss over things that are similar. If you had a bad back before and you're hurting from a bad back now, you better tell them about your bad back. If you say no and they're able to get a release, which they will, and go get those records, which they will, they can deny the claim based on what you said in your statement. The more the claim looks legitimate, the better, and .

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