Mar 11, 2014

This is a question asked by many, especially after being involved in a car accident with injuries, which wreaks havoc on a person both physically and mentally. Many people, when you ask them, would answer no. A large portion of the population takes the word accident for its literal meaning, which is something that happens by chance, without an apparent cause. Unfortunately, in terms of most car accidents, this isn't really the case, because the cause is quite apparent—a negligent driver. For instance, take a look at what happened right here in the Denver area about a week ago, on 3/1/2014.

One Hundred and What Car Pile-Up on I-25!
Denver police had a long and grueling day to start out the month of March, as a chain reaction auto accident piled-up between University Boulevard and Logan Street. The total number of vehicles involved climbed to a staggering 104. This traffic catastrophe happened when heavy snow came through town early in the day, melted on the warm streets, then froze quickly. The interstate was closed in the northbound direction for about five hours, and left heavy traffic at a standstill for at least a mile back. As many as 30 people were taken to the hospital, and there was even a reported fatality. This devastating traffic accident negatively impacted hundreds, possibly thousands of people that day, and for those directly involved, this will be an ongoing ordeal. More information about this Denver pile-up accident can be found on The Denver Post website.

Was it Preventable?
There were no official records released yet about the cause of the car accident, but many people involved are sure that it was due to motorists not driving slower due to the dangerous conditions. Perhaps this whole sad mess could have been avoided if drivers would have slowed down and used caution in the slick conditions of the interstate during heavy snow. The pictures from the accident are shocking; showing vehicles so smashed up that it isn't difficult to imagine the resulting injuries. Many of the victims involved in this auto accident will probably seek representation from Denver car accident attorneys, because a confusing pile up like this can be difficult to sort out, and they will need assistance getting compensation for any personal injuries or damages to their vehicle. This shockingly substantial auto accident is a reminder to all Denver drivers that operating a vehicle can be dangerous, especially in adverse weather conditions, and if drivers are negligent or careless, people can be seriously hurt and even die.

Seek Compensation form Negligent Drivers Who Cause Accidents
There are very few cases where an auto accident could not have been prevented, and if you are involved in an car accident that caused personal injury, you deserve compensation from the parties responsible. If drivers take every possible caution, most accidents wouldn't occur at all. When these avoidable auto accidents occur, don't hesitate to hire a Denver personal injury attorney to give you fair representation. You have already been through the trauma of the incident itself, which resulted in injuries and stress. There is no need to cause yourself further grief by working through the legal tangle that can happen afterward. Automobile accidents are almost always preventable, and attorneys like those of us at Anderson Hemmat can help you make negligent drivers responsible when their actions result in injury or even death.


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