Apr 21, 2014

If you want to recover money for the car crash from the raging driver's insurance company, it is definitely worse! We have all made mistakes on the road that angers other drivers. Oftentimes, the conflict goes no further than exchanging a little alternative American sign language.

Nevertheless, there are occasions where a driver loses it and does very stupid and dangerous things behind the wheel. This is known as road rage. Even though most boneheaded driving activity—if it results in an auto accident or injury, is covered by the at-fault driver's auto insurance (like drunk driving accident injuries or texting while driving accidents), car crash injuries caused by a road raging individual are not covered.

If some idiot strikes you with his car during a fit of road rage (road rage is nearly always a male activity according to studies), auto insurance companies will not pay for the resulting auto accident injuries and damages. The reason behind this exclusion is quite nuanced. The insurance company will deny coverage by relying on policy language stating that they will not insure a driver for intentional conduct. While a drunk driver intends to drink, and at some point intends to drive, he or she likely did not intentionally cause the resulting drunk driver car crash. A crash caused by a drunk driver is more the result of reckless behavior rather than intentional conduct.

However, road rage is different from drunk driving because the angry driver intentionally seeks to cause physical or emotional harm to the other driver.

If you are injured in a Denver car crash and you tell the police at the scene that the incident was caused by road rage (the at-fault driver won't admit this), you might create a situation where the at-fault driver's insurance will deny coverage and not pay for your damages. In this situation, you can make a claim against your uninsured motorist coverage (if you have it), otherwise you may truly regret mentioning "road rage" in your statement to the police at the scene.

We would never suggest being less than fully candid with the police. At the same time, you should have a solid understanding of the potential consequences that may result when you tell the cops that the auto accident was a result of the other driver's road rage.

No one is a perfect driver and sometimes another driver is going to do something on the road that makes you angry. At Anderson Hemmat, our Denver Accident Attorneys believe that all drivers in Colorado should maintain their composure and keep a cool head in these situations. No driver should ever intentionally cause a car crash. Because of the devastating injuries and consequences of these collisions keeping cool is always the best answer. If you have been injured in a Colorado car crash and you want to discuss your options, call (303) 782-9999 and speak with one of our experienced Denver accident attorneys today.


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