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Jan 15, 2009

The attorney you hire to handle your auto accident claim needs to have specialized knowledge of Colorado motor vehicle laws. If they do not, it could cost you. For example, attorneys representing people injured by the negligent conduct of a young driver often fail to consider the legal effects of a little understood principle of Colorado law, known as, the Family Car Doctrine.

Often times young people who cause injury accidents do so while driving a car owned by a parent. Through the application of the Family Car Doctrine, an individual who might otherwise not receive full compensation pursuing only the claims against the insurance company on behalf of the at-fault driver, may seek and receive full benefits and recover substantially more money by pursuing larger policies of insurance owned by a parent.

Before, you hire any attorney to represent you in a motor vehicle accident, ask that attorney to explain to you the Family Car Doctrine. If that attorney is unable to explain it; do not hire that attorney!

At Anderson Hemmat, you can ALWAYS expect a free consultation from a knowledgeable Denver personal injury attorney who will ALWAYS answer your questions straight.


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