Nov 2, 2015

I want to talk to you for a few minutes about getting through the next several weeks after a car crash. You have doctors. You have bills coming in. You might not have a car that's working so well, if at all. You have insurance companies giving you a call. How do you manage all these things? The most important thing I can impart upon you is this. There is things that you need to do during this time period. The most important thing is that you properly follow-up with care. When you left that Emergency Room, there was an instruction for you to follow-up with your Primary Doctor within seventy-two hours.

If you don't have a Primary Doctor, I highly recommend that within that seventy-two hours you locate and go see a Primary Doctor, and you make that relationship. If you don't do that, the insurance company - that's a big red flag for them. They'll assume you really weren't hurt. When you see that Doctor, you make sure that you are real clear with exactly what happened in this accident. Sometimes, these Doctors don't look like they're paying much attention, but they are, and they write down things. Don't give a high estimate of the speed to the Doctor. The Doctor will write that down. If you think you were hit at thirty miles an hour, just simply say you were hit in the range of twenty to forty miles an hour. Give a nice range.

My best advice is don't commit to speeds, because those speeds will during the course of the case sometimes change. That looks bad to the insurance company if you are saying something was a twenty mile an hour impact, and then a year later, you're saying it's a forty mile an hour impact. You were probably hit by somebody and you don't have any idea how fast they were going. It actually might be better if you avoid numbers all together, and simply if you were hit hard, just simply tell the Doctors, "I was hit hard."

When I see a client within a month of the auto accident injuries, the only thing that I'm hopeful for in terms of their case is that they stayed with care. They went to the Emergency Room, hopefully. They followed-up with their Primary Care Physician. Maybe now they're enrolled in a Physical Therapy Program that their Doctor ordered for them and that they're attending. Everything else can be worked on later, but that's really the most important thing to do in the first two weeks. For more information, contact us at 303-782-9999 or start your free case evaluation today.


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