Feb 3, 2017

A recent article on this blog noted that Colorado auto accidents occur, according to one study of car insurance rates, because of poor driving habits. These are also contributing to the increased rate of traffic fatalities in the state. In Colorado Springs, local first responders are not surprised.

Colorado Springs PD Says Habits Are Worsening
The Colorado Springs Police Department says there are a number of factors influencing the uptick in Colorado car crash deaths from distracted driving to substance use. In 2016, the city reported that the number of traffic fatalities was just one off of an all-time record of 35. Most times, a police lieutenant told one news outlet, they can expect 25 to 30.

Overall, Colorado deaths as a result of car accidents have reportedly increased by up to a quarter in some areas but it isn't just what causes the wrecks but whether or not people are doing enough to protect themselves. For all of the various safety devices installed in new cars today, nearly two in three deaths occurred because the motorist or biker was not wearing seatbelt or a helmet.

Interestingly, the town's list of those lost to traffic deaths does not discriminate based on age or number with victims as young as 18 and as old as 90 all suffering from loss of life due to a car collision.

Perhaps more ominously, if that trend of Colorado car accidents continues, then the number of major traffic incidents in Colorado Springs alone could increase to over 100 annually. If safety devices aren't in place, then it becomes far more likely that the death toll will climb.

Car Crashes in Colorado Killing More and More
Normally, the federal National Highway Traffic Safety Administration could point to people driving more as a reason behind increased fatalities. Yet the fatality rate in Colorado and throughout the country is more than two and a half times higher than the increase in number of vehicle miles driven, according to the Associated Press.

Federal and state officials alike are still questioning whether or not the role of legalization of cannabis in Colorado and Washington State may play a role. However, a region encompassing the state and much of the Mountain West only saw a one-percent uptick.

Regardless of the reasons or the region, it's clear that driving a car in Colorado has become far more risky than it was even a couple years ago. Motorists need to be mindful of distracted drivers and those who may appear to be under the influences of various substances.

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