Jul 1, 2016

The comedian Louis C.K. has a skit that revolves around the nasty truths behind things that most people find sympathetic. So, bikers are still not often at fault for motorcycle accidents in Colorado, but there can be mitigating factors that are under their control. Here are a few of the key factors:

1) Daytime Running Lamps and Helmets:
Colorado motorcycle law does not require bikers to have motorcycles with daytime running lights, instead they must be turned on prior to sunset. In addition, riders over the age of 18 do not need to wear a helmet.

But, maybe: a qualified Colorado motorcycle accident attorney can help obtain the best award for victims of crashes, but traumatic brain injury and other suffering may not be worth the choice of not protecting your head.

2) Sharing a Lane with Other Motorcycle Riders:
Colorado is fairly lenient when it comes to people on motorcycles so it makes sense that you're allowed to share lanes with other riders.

But, maybe: if you're in rush hour traffic you should keep in mind that drivers are not paying attention. Of course you have rights, but being slightly staggered may provide more visibility.

3) Don't Pass Within the Same Lane:
Once you start trying to weave between lanes, it becomes much harder to protect your rights if you are involved in a motorcycle crash in Colorado. State law mandates that you treat changing lanes the same way as motorists.

But, maybe: the odds of accidents go up in rush hour traffic if you are hard to see. With drivers in smaller cars these days on I-25 and around Denver, they are more likely to try and find gaps. Low-speed crashes are less likely to cause injuries, but if law enforcement officers look askance at your passing, it could be hard for a personal injury lawyer in Colorado to represent you effectively.

Summing Up:
The Colorado state legislature and Department of Transportation provides a lot of latitude for bikers who don't want anyone telling them to wear a helmet or to not ride alongside their friends. Having the option to ride without a helmet or closer to oft-distracted drivers doesn't always make the most sense. While you have your right to the road, keep in mind that you can also minimize your risk. That's especially important during the summer when the roads get clogged as people head into the Front Range.

Getting Help with Your Colorado Motorcycle Accident Case
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