Apr 23, 2010

What does this statement really mean? To me it means that unlike other firms you may consider, we feel that that we really do understand the importance of what we do for you and your family. Your case is important, and we treat it that way.

As an injured mother, there could be years where your children had to literally take care of themselves. As a financial provider with an injury, the effect on your family could mean your children miss the opportunity to go college. That could result in an entire generational effect. Being injured as a youth could mean decades of future disability. Injured seniors could become a burden to the people they most wish not to burden.

If you don't find an attorney who feels the great weight of what he is attempting to handle for you, you probably haven't found your attorney yet.

When you flip open the yellow pages or pour over websites of lawyers with animal nicknames and cute slogans, you should know that there are multitudes of lawyers who will take a shot at trying to spin the wheel fortune with your case. But settlements are not about Vegas Luck or Jackpot Justice. And those lawyers who think it is have no staying power in this business. In fact, people rarely become wealthy as a result of a personal injury settlement.

Good settlements are about being able to figuratively reach your hand deep into the chest of the insurance company and grab them where they are vulnerable. While this sounds fancy and innovative, it is really a formula based on well-established principles.

I have been doing this for more than 20 years. There is a formula for good settlements. The formula is an equal combination of 1) hard work and 2) an expressed willingness to go to trial on any case where the insurance company won't give an appropriate settlement.

Being able to get insurance companies to pay settlements that fully compensate an injury victim's loss takes a law firm that does both of the above. Attorney work must be precise and should be focused on proper presentation of evidence that will show the insurance company the full extent of the harms and losses. The attorney must also send the insurance company signals that he will go to trial and that he is looking forward to getting the jury to see things his way. If the insurance company smells fear in a lawyer's unwillingness to take that step, it really doesn't matter what is a fair settlement, because you won't be seeing it. An attorney can only be confident in going to trial if he has experience as a an actual trial lawyer.

At Anderson Hemmat, we understand the importance of the task that we have undertaken on your behalf and will work hard on your case to fully prepare it for trial with an eye open to the possibility of full settlement. Our attorneys have decades of actual trial experience. Please call us today and we will schedule an in-person meeting where you can sit down with one of our attorneys to discuss your case.


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