Dec 6, 2016

Unfortunately, even with the latest safety systems like adaptive cruise control and frontal collision detection, Denver-area car crashes with injuries are unlikely to go down in number any time soon. And it's no one's fault but your own...or at least Colorado motorists in general.

Colorado Drivers Get a Ton of Speeding Tickets and DUIs
The Denver Post recently wrote about a study that showed that Colorado ranks in the bottom fifth of states when it comes to speeding tickets, traffic citations and Denver drunk driving incidents as well as those throughout the state. One Quote Wizard employee told the newspaper that Coloradans were worst when it comes to traffic tickets.

Key issues were failure to signal, running red lights and not using a seat belt. Some question whether or not this is a case of the Colorado State Patrol and local police departments stepping up enforcement, but other statistics do not necessarily bear this out. Clearly, no motorist wants to be involved in a car crash, especially one that leads to traffic fatalities. So what's going on?

Highway Hypnosis and the Costs for Car Accident Victims
Some argue that the issue for drivers in the Centennial State is attitude, a kind of individualism and belief that others shouldn't tread on their driving styles. It might also just be a sign that environmental factors combined with a certain laissez-faire attitude towards driving could be at issue.

For example, recent accidents have included a number of drivers who simply did not notice that they were entering a work zone or a low-speed zone, barreling into another vehicle. This is one reason why car insurance claims are going up for many Colorado motorists.

While the CSP and local law enforcement are working to try and minimize the effect of these unsafe habits on safe drivers and their passengers, it is unclear whether or not it will be enough. One deterrent left unmentioned in the article: using a Colorado personal injury lawyer to seek damages when one has been injured in an accident.

As a deterrent, financial compensation from a driver unwilling to keep their eyes on the road may provide a larger benefit in reducing the number of traffic citations and unsafe behaviors currently on display. At the very least, it helps victims who have no other recourse when an automobile crash permanently changes their lives.

Getting Help with Your Colorado Car Accident Case
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