Apr 7, 2017

Denverites aren't the only ones who seem to have a problem with driving safety. Sheriff's deputies in Highland Ranch are increasing their enforcement efforts. The suburb has seen a four percent increase in 2016 crashes versus the year prior. One cited by a local newspaper involved a rear-end collision leading to injuries when a woman was stopped at a red light. The other driver was reportedly unaware of the traffic signal.

Is It What's in the Air During Highland Ranch Accidents?
The recent cannabis legalization could be used by some to indicate that there is an issue with driving while under the influence. However, the total rate of Colorado DUI accidents hasn't been markedly higher than it was prior to legalization.

In fact, there are a number of factors in play. In the case of Highland Ranch, it's a case of what field biologists call "carrying capacity" or how well an environment can handle a given population. Highlands Ranch was only built to house about 100,000 people and residents number about 96,000 now. With few options for public transportation, it means that the roads are filled with cars to the literal brim.

And just like a tempest in a teapot, it's spilling over in the form of an increased likelihood of wrecks.

It's Not Just the Denver Metro, Colorado is Unsafe
As just one example, Colorado Springs car accidents have jumped in the past year. Fatalities in 2014 were 34, more than 15 percent higher than local law police expect them to be. Some of the major influences cited by the Colorado Springs Police Department are similar to those that cause car crashes in Colorado in general:

  1. Running red lights

  2. Speeding

  3. Distracted driving, often because of phone use

Many of these factors were cited by Douglas County law enforcement regarding their concerns about the uptick in accidents in the unincorporated community. Even those venturing into Denver or the metro are facing problems. Thanks to increases in the tech and cannabis sectors, the population increased by 250,000, or 10 percent, in just five years.

While some may bemoan the fact that the influx of people from other areas could lead to an increase in poor driving habits, the sheer scale of stops based on not wearing seat belt and checking cell phones demonstrates it's not just those new to the state. Roughly one in six respondents to a recent survey admitted that they didn't always wear their seat belt.

Getting Help with Your Colorado Car Accident Case
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