Oct 24, 2014

I want to talk to you now about your deposition. A deposition is something you probably never have heard about before your lawyer filed a lawsuit in your case and it becomes suddenly one of those important words for the rest of your case.

A deposition is a question and answer session. That's all it is. It's a question and answer session that's being recorded by a court reporter. It's being called for by the attorney against you and it's going to be really the only time between now and trial where the attorney on the other side can ask you directly questions.

In Colorado law, there's very little your lawyer can do to affect that process at the deposition. Mostly the law requires the lawyer to sit there and to object only occasionally to very limited things. Your lawyer's most important job is getting you ready for a deposition.

The lawyer should meet with you, should explain to you the personality of the attorney who you're going to be up against. The attorney should have you armed with the right information. In most injury cases, the right information is some way of allowing you to fully understand the medical records that are going to be the primary topic of your deposition.

Know your medical history. Don't allow yourself to make sweeping statements about things you know aren't true, like, "I never had a back pain before." Be ready to talk about your prior history and be ready to talk about how your prior history while it was there, how greatly impacted this car crash affected your future care. Obviously you wouldn't be in my office or any attorney's office if that didn't happen and so that's a truthful part of the story but you have to be able and prepared to explain it.

A good law firm preparing you for your deposition is going to arm you with some information. In my office I've written several articles about proper preparation for your own deposition and how to really excel in your deposition and I'd encourage you to go to our website where you can get that information whether you're a client of ours or not. It's good reading and it will be helpful.

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