May 21, 2014

Is Uninsured Driver Insurance Really Worth It In The Long Run?

There are certain claims that you can bring against your own insurance company that do not affect your future premiums. In a situation where you are hit by a driver who does not have insurance or hit by a driver who has less than sufficient coverage to compensate you for your injuries (uninsured motorist or under-insured motorist), making a claim against your policy will not increase your premiums or cause your insurance company to drop you as a customer.

An insurance company cannot increase your premiums simply because you are making a claim against coverage that you purchased and paid for every month. Additionally, Colorado makes it mandatory that everyone has at least $5,000 worth of med pay coverage on an auto insurance policy.

Oftentimes, you can stack med pay coverage if you are injured in a collision and you carry med pay coverage on another vehicle. For example, if you are riding as a passenger in a friend’s car and you are in an accident, you can claim the med pay on your friend’s insurance policy and the med pay from your own insurance policy. The mere fact that you open a claim for med pay benefits will not in and of itself cause an insurance company to increase your premiums. Again, if you caused the motor vehicle crash, you can expect your premiums to increase or you may be dropped as an insured. If you are making a claim for benefits that you are entitled to because another driver caused the crash, such as uninsured, under-insured, and med pay benefits, your monthly premium will not increase and you should not hold off on making a claim based on those concerns.


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