Apr 11, 2018

Colorado is one of the prettiest and most comfortable places to bike. Not only does the state offer more than 300 days of sunshine every year - making the outdoors often pleasant in spite of low temperatures - the state has also embraced the idea of safe biking areas. Indeed, there are multiple bike paths that run throughout Denver, including the Cherry Creek Bike Path, and even a long, protected bike lane that runs alongside US 36 from Denver to Boulder!

Despite how pleasant biking can be, and the protections afforded to cyclists in the state, bicycle accidents are still common. An article published in The Denver Post in 2017 reported that cycling deaths are increasing by about 55 deaths per year.

The following considers some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents. If you've been in a crash, call our lawyers today.

How Bicycle Accidents in Colorado Happen
The main contributing factor in cycling accidents is human error, and the most common type of human error is the failure to properly look, either on the part of the driver of a motor vehicle or the cyclist. In addition, being careless, reckless, or in a rush are also top contributing causes of crashes.

A situation in which accidents commonly occur is when a cyclist is entering a roadway from the sidewalk. For example, imagine that a cyclist wants to cross the street, and is stopped at the light, on the sidewalk, waiting for the "Walk" signal. A driver is making a right-hand turn at the same intersection. When the traffic signal turns green for the driver, and the "Walk" signal appears for the cyclist, the cyclist enters the crosswalk, the driver of the vehicle fails to see the cyclist, and then turns directly into him or her.

Other common causes of crashes include:

  • Cyclist making left-hand turn (and struck in intersection due to cyclist's or driver's failure to yield);

  • Motorist making left-hand turn into path of cyclist traveling straight through intersection;

  • Motorist tailgating a cyclist or passing too closely; and

  • Cyclist failing to utilize available bike lanes and weaving in and out of traffic.

In addition to bicycling accidents in which a cyclist is hit by a car, PedBikeInfo.org reports that about 17% of bicycle accidents involve the cyclist falling off his or her bike (without the involvement of a motor vehicle). Other causes of injury include a poorly repaired roadway, a collision with a fixed object, or a failure to pay proper attention. In about 4% of bicycle injury cases, the accident was caused by a dog running out into a cyclist's path.

Seeking Compensation after a Bicycle Accident
No matter the cause of your bicycle accident, if you have been in a crash, chances are you have suffered significant injuries. Even if you were wearing your helmet, it is still common for cyclists to suffer brain, head, back, neck, facial, internal, and external injuries. Sometimes, these injuries can be debilitating and disabling.

At the law offices of Anderson Hemmat, our experienced Colorado bicycle attorneys want to help you recover the compensation you deserve. We will fight hard to hold the responsible driver liable for harm you have suffered. Call our legal team today at (303) 782-9999, or send us a confidential message using the free case evaluation form on our website.


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