Mar 15, 2018

Motorcycle deaths in Colorado continue to rise. Indeed, a 2015 article published by The Denver Post reports that for the first time in Colorado history, there were more than 100 motorcycle deaths in a single year. In 2016, this number jumped to 125, as reported by the Colorado Department of Transportation. Not only has there been a clear increase in the rate of motorcyclist fatalities, but crash data also shows that accidents are more likely when the weather is nice outside; as the weather warms, more motorcyclists hop on their bikes and hit the road. As we move into March and the days in Colorado continue to get longer and warmer, knowing how to protect yourself as a motorcyclist is important. Here are some tips for avoiding a crash or serious injuries if you are involved in an accident.

Prepare for Your Ride
Whether you're going for a short ride or getting ready for a longer one, being prepared is very important. Being prepared means:

  • Knowing your route;

  • Servicing your motorcycle before you go;

  • Having emergency supplies on you;

  • Planning any stops you'll make (i.e. for rest, to get gas, etc.);

  • Having the right clothing; and

  • Knowing ride formation if you'll be riding with a group.

When you're prepared, you'll spend less time and energy worrying about the unexpected - like where you'll stop to get food, or the fact that you're cold because a storm's come in - allowing you to focus more on safe riding.

Never Ride While Distracted or Impaired
Riding your motorcycle while intoxicated or impaired is one of the most dangerous, and potentially deadly, things that you can do. And riding while distracted can be equally as risky. Whenever you are on a motorcycle, you should be sober, well-rested, and focused on the act of operating your motorcycle…nothing else. In fact, even listening to music can be a serious distraction, and may prevent you from hearing an oncoming threat. On top of being able to blast your music, motorcyclists are also getting tech upgrades that add to rider distractions like GPS devices, in-helmet cell phone access (so you can accept calls while riding) and helmets with heads-up-displays.

Wear the Right Clothing and Protective Gear
While things like a helmet, eye protection, and the right clothing may not prevent an accident from occurring, they could prevent you from incurring serious injuries should a crash occur. The helmet has shown to be the single most effective way to reduce your risk of traumatic brain injury or/and death if you are involved in a crash. While motorcyclists over the age of 18 are not legally required to wear helmets in Colorado, our lawyers hope that you will never hop on a motorcycle without one. If you do get struck and injured while riding your motorcycle, the fact that you were not wearing a helmet won't help your injury case.

Contact Our Law Offices if You're in a Crash
If you are involved in a motorcycle accident with injures in Colorado, our attorneys can help you file your injury accident claim, and negotiate your rights to full compensation. Depending upon the details of your case, you may even be able to bring forth a lawsuit for damages.

To learn more about our motorcycle crash injury legal services and the steps to take after a motorcycle accident, please call our law offices today at (303) 782-9999. You can also request a free consultation using the evaluation form on our website.


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