Feb 4, 2021

Now, I look at my law firm's Google reviews, and those of some of my colleagues, and I often see a sharp difference. While I know many other lawyers do good work for their clients, often the words used by clients to praise these efforts suggest to me an important point of comparison. While legitimate reviews certainly can be either brief or loquacious, certain reviews cause me to wonder if there isn't something going on. My clients' reviews show that they take the time to rate our firm. And they take the job seriously. An Anderson Hemmat client typically writes paragraphs—often a page or more. You get details, specifics, emotions, and sometimes a recounting of the entire course of the years of our representation. Conversely, reviews posted by clients of our competitors, while typically favorable, often seem curiously thin, emotionless, and objectively brief. Can there really be that many hundreds of people who truly can boil down their entire critique of a law firm and their representation to as little as "they did a great job"? Am I suggesting that these reviews are manufactured? How could I possibly know that for sure? But I can say that those typically brief and seemingly unemotional endorsements that many of my colleagues bank on to draw more clients to their firms certainly seem to lack emotion— to lack the energy that I would expect in a happy client when this job is done well.

After all, taking the time to even navigate the multi-step process to post a Google review would lead me to expect that once there, an individual would ultimately leave more than one sweeping and undetailed assessment. Who does that? Now, I am not completely suggesting that my competition's Google reviews are products of offshore boiler room review boosters. But one could certainly consider that as a possible explanation.

The secret to our success is one-on-one client interaction. We never treat a case as a one-size-fits-all. In-kind, when our clients sing our praises, as they typically do, their words are filled with emotion, are filled with details, and speak to the type of care we seek to deliver to every client we serve. The difference in what we deliver versus what many of our colleagues deliver is, I think, obvious in what they say about us—and what others are not saying about their experiences with other firms.

Chad Hemmat

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