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Aug 16, 2019

Vail, CO (August 16, 2019) - A commercial semi-truck driver has been charged with five counts of careless driving causing injury in connection to a three-vehicle crash near the bottom of Vail Pass on interstate 70 on July 27th. Investigators think excessive speed and brake failure could have caused the crash that closed Interstate 70 for around four hours. A family of five from California were injured when their Ford Explorer towing a camper trailer rolled several times after the 2015 International semi-truck driven by Keith Thompson, 48, of Detroit was coming down Vail Pass. Mr. Thompson drives for an Illinois-based International Logistics Group (ILG) and documents show the company has had two serious crashes in the past two years and multiple bad reviews.

If you, or your family have been injured in a serious commercial semi-truck accident at the hands of a negligent or inexperienced truck driver, you have rights to compensation and our Colorado semi-truck injury attorneys can assist you today.Please contact Anderson Hemmat at (888) 492-6342 or click here to begin your free case evaluation.

Note: We've built this personal injury news post using other outside sources. The details concerning this breaking injury accident news has not been independently verified. If you have identified false information, please inform us immediately. We will immediately adjust the post to reflect accuracy.


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