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Mar 13, 2009

The average experience of the typical injury victim hiring the usual personal injury attorney is unsatisfying. We know this because nationwide studies have documented it.

Let me begin by emphasizing that there is nothing average, typical or usual about Anderson Hemmat. So what makes Anderson Hemmat so unusual? Instead of giving you one answer, we will give you three:


It's no secret. Many law firms delegate all or nearly all client representation responsibilities to secretaries or paralegals. How do you know if that is happening to you? Here is a test. Call your lawyer. Tell him you would like a call back to discuss your case status. If a secretary or paralegal returns your call, guess what? Yes, I am sorry to tell you that it is likely that the "lawyer" handling this most important case for you never went to law school, may not have finished college, and is actually a secretary. Scary? You bet! Sadly, clients just accept and even expect their matters to be delegated. While clients continue to report their dissatisfaction in nationwide polling, they seem not to do anything about it.

At Anderson Hemmat, we have lots of great secretaries. However, we keep them busy being secretaries. Attorneys represent clients at our firm. If you call for a status report at our firm, you WILL talk to your attorney.


It's no secret. Many law firms have a business structure that prevents them from actually getting in the courtroom. They operate with so few attorneys and so much volume that they never intend on taking a case to court. The case WILL be settled because there simply is no choice. It's true. They WON'T try your case! It is like a lion without its teeth or a boxer without a right hook. The problem is that the insurance companies know which law firms go to trial and which ones do not. The insurance companies know which firms have legitimate trial lawyers and which ones are forced to take their low-ball settlement offers.

Anderson Hemmat has an entire litigation department and tries case after case, year after year. Defense lawyers and insurance companies know it. They respect us and know that in trial they are in for a huge fight. They even, on occasion, refer our firm to their friends and family.


It's no secret. Most of the talking heads you see on lawyer television advertising do not keep regular business hours. They are retired and currently are sitting on a boat somewhere near St. Barts. Twenty years ago, perhaps they were active in their law firms. Now they just check in from time to time.

At Anderson Hemmat, our partners are in the office every business day. We feel it is important to assure the quality of the legal work we provide.

Come see us for a free consultation and compare us to the average, typical and usual. We bet you will see the difference.


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