May 28, 2009

In the 1960's, professional offices looked professional. In recent days, the invention of Dockers and the advent of "business casual" has resulted in a less professional feel to most offices. Moreover, because Colorado is a generally younger, outdoorsy, and athletic population, it is often hard to find businesses with a dress code anymore. In fact, in the 1980's it became commonplace to find lawyers advising clients in jeans and a t-shirt.

If you think it is appropriate for your attorney to wear tennis shoes and a t-shirt while advising you or your family regarding your serious injury issues, we are probably not the right law firm for you. At Anderson Hemmat, we insist that our office staff and attorneys dress professionally. Our lawyers actually wear suits. The "look" of our office is highly professional. Frankly, we think this professional approach to the practice of law results in real differences both in the way our clients are treated by the insurance companies as well as how juries react to our cases. To us, it would be hypocritical to tell a jury or defense counsel that our clients' injury case is important, while at the same time presenting less than professionally in our personal attire and appearance.

Think about it. There was a time in America when lawyers and CEO's were highly esteemed. CEO's lost respect because of corporate excess and greed, and lawyers are now compared to used car salesmen. We, as legal professionals, can blame ourselves for that. At Anderson Hemmat, we feel we are restoring the public's perception of attorneys one client at a time.

But, it isn't just the dress code that signifies our professionalism. There are other little things you will notice as well. Have you ever entered an office and stood in front of an empty reception desk, unable to get anyone's attention? Have you ever sat in an office and heard loud outbursts, expletives, or generally unprofessional banter? Have you ever met with a professional who thinks nothing of incorporating foul language into their normal business conversation?

Surprisingly, I have experienced every one of those things in other attorney's offices. Granted, no one is perfect, but at Anderson Hemmat, we are cognizant that we are representing our clients at one of the worst times in their lives. We do not view our job as an opportunity to behave as if we worked in a locker room. I will not tolerate this behavior in professionals that I hire for my own personal matters, and we do not allow our office staff to behave unprofessionally. We know that the standard should be higher for us as your attorneys.

When you walk into Anderson Hemmat, you will always be greeted by our professional receptionist. Our staff presents, dresses and acts to the highest professional standard. You will never hear gratuitous foul language or find yourself waiting in the reception area alone. We have created an environment that we feel is optimal for attorney/client interaction. We make no apology for being professional.

We agree this approach makes us look different. Spend some time getting to know us and you will know why that difference is important to you. At Anderson Hemmat, we are different and our results prove it.


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