Nov 17, 2015

Now it may be too late for the accident you were already in, but let me just give you some advise for the future. If you wanted the perfect tool that you had available to you at the car crash to make sure you documented nearly everything you possibly needed to make sure that the claim went smoothly the next time, here's the answer. You probably already have it and it's probably on your person right now. It's your smartphone.

Today's smartphone has everything you could possibly need if you're at a scene of an auto accident. You've been hit. You're in a crash. Everything in your car is a mess, right? Your coffee's spilled all over, you can't find a pen, you don't know where you put your insurance information.

You know what? The other guy who just was in this accident, has the same thing going on. Take a picture of the debris on the road. Take a picture of where that debris is in relation to the cars themselves. Take a picture of your bumpers and anything that's damaged on your vehicle. Try to take pictures of the other vehicle and try to take pictures of them together collectively with some other landmarks around. A single video could take care of all of these. Why you want to do that, is that this information can become very helpful in accident reconstruction if that needs to be done later.

When it comes to talking to these folks, you don't need to get anybody to write anything. In fact, use that as an excuse. Turn the record button on, identify the time and say, "I can't find my pen and I don't have any paper. Is it okay if I record this? Can you just read me your license information? Can you give me your insurance information? You can just say it and I've got it on this recording." Then ask them, "Did you cause the accident? Do you think you were you at fault? Do you think I did anything wrong?"

All of those are important things eventually. I'll tell you that people at accident scenes are very contrite when they cause accidents and they'll tell everybody exactly what happened. What ends up happening later when the insurance company talks to that person, and they start thinking about it, and maybe they even get a lawyer to talk to them, is pretty soon they become a little less certain of how much at fault they were.

Your smartphone is a great tool for the scene of the accident. This maybe too late for the accident you're already are in, but for the next time.

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