Apr 24, 2017

If you just got your taxes filed, congratulations! You're down one headache. If you're someone who still texts in the car, though, get ready for more. You're likely to see flashing reds-and-blues as the Colorado State Patrol and other local law enforcement agencies increase shifts to combat those using devices while driving.

The initiative began with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and a recent survey by the agency shows that many drivers just don't get it. Before the older folks chime in, know that crashes caused by those OVER the age of 30 constituted more than half of all crashes involving distracted driving. For many youngsters, in fact, the issue is not smartphones but instead learning how to drive with passengers in the vehicle.

Yes, It Really is a Problem in Colorado
If you haven't seen it already, CDOT has launched its Drop the Distraction campaign as well as a Killer Habit ad that will appear on both Facebook and in some TV markets. Ironically, Darrell Lingk noted, "Coloradans are not paying attention to how dangerous distracted driving really is."

Statistics from both CDOT and other outlets back up that assertion. The agency noted that one in five respondents in an anonymous survey admitted that they had at least read a text message or checked social media. That jumps to one-third when you look at those who took a call. Well over half of us have changed the station or song on our mobile devices.

Other organizations have noted that Colorado ranks in the top 10 for citations involving use of cell phones while driving. And those are likely to go up, and not just in April.

What to Expect When You're Not Expecting a Distracted Driving Traffic Stop
State law provides for up to a $100 fine if you are stopped while using your phone. Not only will the Colorado State Patrol and Denver Police Department be out in force to cooperate with CDOT, but the state agency is going to continue to focus on this issue.

Even as the rest of the country has managed to reduce the number of DUI accidents, Colorado has not. What people do not understand is that law enforcement officers who are out looking for drivers acting erratically are going to find motorists who are impaired. And it doesn't really matter whether or not it is distracted driving because you're on your phone or have had too much to drink.

So when it comes to summer vacations and getting away from it all, do the right thing and put your phone down. Otherwise, you can expect a much higher likelihood of getting stopped.

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