Jul 8, 2016

Truck drivers don't do well on little rest or in poor conditions. The key difference between them and other motorists is the sheer size of the metal around them. When wrecks do happen, Colorado tractor trailer accidents can have devastating consequences.

Long-Hauler Causes Fatal Consequences
I-70 is a major artery that crosses near Denver but also all the way from Maryland to California. So it's no shock that out-of-state tractor trailers can be involved in wrecks. Less than a month ago, a Californian driver wrecked into three different passenger vehicles outside of Golden. One person was killed and another was airlifted.

The scope of damage involved in accidents like these is one reason Colorado accident attorneys are careful to gain as much information as they can regarding the scene of the accident. The loss of the ability to earn a living as well as the higher likelihood of traumatic brain injury makes these crashes more dangerous.

Braking Distances Cause Colorado Truck Accidents, Too
Most cars and SUVs have a stopping distance of a couple hundred feet from 60 because they only have to bring a couple tons of metal and cargo to a stop. A tractor trailer is about two and a half times as long and weighs FORTY times as much. So it's no surprise that they take twice as long to stop, or about 525 feet according to the Utah Department of Transport.

That is long enough that a recent Denver truck accident may have been the result of a distracted tractor trailer driver. A construction zone was the site of a collision where the semi may have not braked in time. It plowed into not one, but two sedans. There were two children in the first car the truck hit and had to be medevac'ed to Colorado Children's Hospital even though they were properly belted into booster seats. Even the car ahead of that was also damaged enough that the adults needed to be checked out at a local hospital.

Keep in mind that these were at lower speeds in a construction zone. The damage can be much more significant on highways including I-25, the 6th Avenue Freeway and others in the Denver metro area. It's important to remember that a Colorado personal injury lawyer may be able to help if something devastating happens with a car and a tractor trailer.

Getting Help with Your Colorado Tractor Trailer Accident Case
If you've been in an accident with a truck, your injuries could be significant. Medical bills might pile up and lost income could make bills tough to pay. Learn more about your legal rights: Get a free consultation with an Anderson Hemmat personal injury attorney today. Call (303) 782-9999 or use the easy case evaluation form to your right for a confidential review of the facts of your potential case. We look forward to helping you get the best possible outcome.


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